Any men left in Major League Baseball? Airline cockpits? Corporate office suites?

Georgia voter ID law exposes leftists who control big companies as wimps.

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Washington Nationals players kneel for Black Lives Matter at the 2020 season opener.

WASHINGTON, D.C.,  (LifeSiteNews) – The woke leftists controlling Major League Baseball, major U.S. airlines, and other corporations such as Coca-Cola have displayed their unhappiness with Georgia’s recent voter ID law.

Put aside the stunning hypocrisy of their virtue-signaling claims: Most of these corporations demand IDs in order for citizens to transact with and receive services from them.

Here’s the bigger question begged by their actions: Are there any men left in MLB? Airline cockpits and ground crews? Corporate office suites? Or are there only high-paid geldings, thoroughly neutered by woke ideology?

MLB’s mass emasculation is complete

Last summer MLB put on horrific display as hundreds of professional ballplayers surrendered themselves to the abhorrent ideology of Black Lives Matter (BLM), founded in 2013 by a trio of militant Marxist women – Patrisse Khan-Cullers, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza. Khan-Cullers identifies as lesbian and Garza is “married” to a “transgender man.”

The three Marxist women forced nearly every Major League Baseball player to kneel before them and their strange countercultural creed.

By bending their knees, these atheletes paid homage not to civil rights, but to Marxism; to the destruction of the nuclear family; to transgender and gay political power squashing not just religious liberty, but religion itself; to the defunding of police; and to the erasure of western history and culture.

The queer-affirming women pulled off a mass castration of the players’ Judeo-Christian beliefs and whatever patriotism they held in their hearts.

And now, MLB has reaffirmed the mass emasculation of its players as the league’s woke leadership moved the All-Star game scheduled to be played in Atlanta, to Colorado in order to protest Georgia’s very sane voter ID requirements. (And as many have pointed out, Colorado’s voting laws are quite similar to Georgia’s just-passed law.)

“Major League Baseball has folded to the liberal mob, stripping Georgia of the All-Star Game and MLB draft and announcing its allegiance to the Democratic Party in the process,” noted The Washington Examiner’s Zachary Faria.

But it was already worse than that: They had already submitted to a tribal right of castration, without a whimper or complaint.

Where are the players and managers who disagree with MLB management’s posturing and demands on the teams and players? Silence indicates agreement. I suspect there are many who disagree. So are there no men willing to risk their jobs by expressing disagreement with the big lies MLB management is foisting on the nation?

No red-blooded American wants to watch a pathetic display of geldings romping around a ballfield, yet this is what the 2021 season promises.

Sacrificing airline safety to woke idealism

The CEO of Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian, displayed his wishy-washy-woke leadership when, after first praising his home-state’s voting legislation, he crumpled under pressure from liberal elites including Joe Biden, reversed course, and lied about the bill instead, asserting that it “does not match Delta’s values.”

It was another very public emasculation.

“My husband is a pilot for Delta,” one woman posted on social media. “Believe me, they all hate that the CEO has gone woke.”

“Started with BLM and now this. It’s embarrassing and has nothing to do with running a successful airline,” she continued. “The pilots just want to have safe, on-time flights and then make it home to their families after.  Please know that thousands of employees absolutely do not support this stuff!”

If this is the case, where are the thousands of Delta Airline employee voices objecting to their company’s woke leadership?

Real men stand up for principles, for country, for family – and speak out. But we hear mostly silence.

Not to be outdone, United Airlines (UAL) joined the fray.

“Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes everyday,” declared UAL in a Tweet. “That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.”

“No,” objected Matt Walsh. “Your pilots should reflect the absolute best of the best, no matter their race or gender.”

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