I am relatively certain this has occurred to you:  If Hydroxychloroquine, and particularly Ivermectin, are proven effective in prophylactic treatments of Covid-19 infections (as in stopping it cold!) then why-oh-why is our government so committed to getting every American vaccinated?

We know too many people have had immediate adverse reactions to the vaccines, some even dying, and I strongly suspect there will be long-term adverse results in those who were vaccinated as far out as five years from now.  In the meantime, the rate of Covid-19 infections hasn’t waned much, but we can’t trust those reports because the mainstream media lies and lies and lies to us every day now.

Something else worries me:  The first people to be vaccinated were health care workers in every capacity, so if they begin dropping like flies a year or so from now, what will happen to our entire health care system?  I’ve got a really bad feeling about that!

You know, the Sixth Trumpet War and the deaths of 1/3 of all mankind on the planet might just be the result of this pandemic, not because Covid-19 has proved deadly in large numbers, because it hasn’t, but because the “cure” turns out worse than the disease itself.

So we have proven treatments for substantially reducing the effects of a Covid-19 infection, but pay no mind to that because these costly and dangerous vaccines are being government-mandated to the point that if any citizens refuse the vaccine they won’t be able to travel, attend events, attend institutions of higher learning or perhaps even go grocery shopping.

There’s something very wrong with this picture.  They WANT us vaccinated, but I strongly suspect it’s for the wrong reason.

Carl F. Worden

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