Once more the churches, my own church, is dappling in areas that it shouldn’t and am I not talking about charity, which is its job but politics … and the city wishes to appear as the contributor and savior of my neighborhood. What are they offering, certainly not salvation, because salvation comes when the contribution is painful and meaningful, but they wish to supply the materials to help renovate LANA if the church will supply the labor…. oh I forgot the city is going to pick the winners of this deal. My latest newsletter from the church, its one of those compromising deals where you compromise your soul …

In March, the Spiritual Leadership Teams and the United Methodist Men of our church will start a new outreach initiative in the LANA area. The purpose of the project is to repair or renovate the exterior of homes that have been cited by the city for failing to meet code, and whose owners cannot afford to hire the work done. This project is offered as a way for Lambuth Memorial to become a truly caring and compassionate “helping-hand” to our neighbors, as well as to give our congregation the opportunity for discipleship in service to our community.

The City of Jackson will provide a list of homes in the area, and the supplies needed for repairs. We will provide the volunteer labor. Our goal is to begin in March with two or three homes. We will schedule work on select Saturdays, so the level of participation will determine how quickly the repairs are completed and new projects can be accepted. We will only pick homes that our volunteers have the skills and experience to complete. So, in order to proceed, we need to identify the skill sets and preferences of our church members who can participate.

Watch for the survey of skill set(s) as an insert to the bulletin. Please, prayerfully consider how the Lord will be able to use you in this important neighborhood outreach, then complete the survey and place it in the offering plate or bring it by the church office return this form.

So where the heck is LANA which created this program? I don’t know…

Special notes:

FOOD FOR RIFA – RIFA is in need of non-perishable and canned foods. Foods such as soups including cream soups of all kinds, tomato sauce, black-eyed peas, tuna, canned chicken, spaghetti noodles, canned fruit, and mixed vegetables. LMUMC will be collecting these food items in a box located in the hallway on the pulpit side of the sanctuary.

LMUMC METHODIST MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST has apparently been forced out of Lambuth Memorial after 50 years and will be meeting at the Old Country Store. The Methodist Men meet weekly for prayer, breakfast (dutch treat), and fellowship at 7:30 a.m.


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