How to Pray for America


As government policies foment hostility and even opposition towards biblical Christianity, we must ask how we, as Christians, should respond. Government policies that restrict religious freedom and generate hostility toward believers are not new. The Bible is filled with many accounts of those in authority using their position to control and constrain the obedient worship of the one true God.

During this week’s Pray Vote Stand broadcast, we look at Daniel. Despite being a faithful and upstanding citizen, those driven by jealously wanted to remove him from his influence in the nation. His response? He prayed and gave thanks to the God of heaven and earth. In this biblical account, we can find guidance as followers of Jesus Christ in the year 2021. Watch Pray Vote Stand now for a time of prayer for the courage and boldness to stand like Daniel and the thousands of others who have gone before us and chose faith over fear.

We also invite you to check out our new prayer guide for America’s leaders.

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