Texas heartbeat law wins by Gary Varvel


President Biden attacks the US Supreme Court decision upholding Texas’ ‘heartbeat’ law. The law bans abortions after the heartbeat is detected in an unborn child, which is about 6 weeks after conception. Biden’s writers used the typical political semantics to hide the scientific fact that abortion is the murder of innocent human beings in the womb. You can read the White House word salad, I mean statement, here. Now, let me decipher Biden’s code words. Warning: The following may too graphic for those who are upset by the truth.

Statement by President Joe Biden on Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Law SB8 as translated by Gary Varvel:

“The Supreme Court’s ruling overnight is an unprecedented assault on a woman’s unconstitutional right to kill her child in the womb as determined by Roe v Wade, which has been the law of the land for almost fifty years resulting in the deaths of over 62 million babies. The dissents by Chief Justice Roberts, and Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan all demonstrate their faithfulness to the Democrat’s religious sacrament of child sacrifice. While the Chief Justice was clear to stress that the action by the Supreme Court is not a final ruling on the future of infanticide, the impact of last night’s decision to protect the unborn will be immediate and requires an immediate response.

One reason I became the first president in history to create a Gender Policy Council was to prepare our death cult to react to such assaults on women’s rights to put to death their innocent preborn children which are created in the image of God. Hence, I am directing that godless Council and the Office of the White House Counsel to launch an devilish effort to respond to this decision, looking specifically to a horde of government bureaucrats to use their unconstitutional power to force Texas to allow women to safely and legally murder their babies in the womb as protected by Roe. And we will use all of the legal tools that we have to insulate women and abortion providers from litigation as the result of Texas’ life-saving law.

Personal note: If anyone reading this has had an abortion, there is forgiveness in Jesus for those who ask. To the Texas legislators who had the courage to stand for life, thank God for you. I hope your example will be contagious and that conservatives legislators in every state will follow suit. The Democrats don’t want to follow the science when it comes to human reproduction because the science is not on their side. May God have mercy on us if we fail to try.

Pray for our veterans. Give them the respect they are due in keeping the terrorists off of our homeland. Thank God for their sacrifice.


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