The Biden Strategy: Blame the Judges

By Erick-Woods Erickson

The Biden Administration wants to mandate private sector employers force their employees to get vaccines. That is going to raise all sorts of problems. But beyond those problems, it is most likely unconstitutional.

That is, like with the eviction moratorium, part of Joe Biden’s strategy.

He knows this is most likely unconstitutional, but he needed to do something to appear strong for progressives. As a result, he will rely on the courts to strike down his mandate and then blame the Trump-appointed judges. He can claim he tried something, but Trump….

Now, let me put some perspective on this.

Progressives, not too long ago, championed getting rid of laws that made it a crime to knowingly transmit HIV to a sexual partner, but they want to ruin your life and deprive you of your livelihood if you choose not to get vaccinated. This is absurd. It is also far more tyrannical than anything Donald Trump tried to do. It won’t hold up in court.

Right now, congressional Democrats are trying to pass an additional $5 trillion in spending for transgender goats, vegan burgers, and unicorn fart powered airplanes. Instead of offering financial incentives or tax credits for vaccines, they want to force you to vaccinate.

Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?” For those saying the unvaccinated can kill others, an abortion literally and scientifically kills another human being. The double standard is amazing.

Joe Biden could have found a way to incentivize vaccines. Instead, he will use government bullying, which is going to drive up vaccine hesitancy among the already hesitant. After all, some will claim the vaccine cannot be sound if the government is going to force us to get it.

I am pro-vaccine. My wife, my children, and I are vaccinated. But this is both overstepping the powers of the President and will undermine the effort to get Americans vaccinated. It will divide when the President needs to unify.

Joe Biden promised a new tone in Washington that united Americans around the common good. Yesterday, instead, he told Americans it was okay to hate their neighbors for disagreements about the vaccine.

We are twenty years and a day removed from 9/11. The Taliban, thanks to Joe Biden, have reoccupied Afghanistan and put in positions of power several people previously held in GTMO. Americans are at each other’s throats. The President is encouraging the hate. We are more divided than ever. It is hard not to think the terrorists won.

On a final point, this is probably going to ensure a massive Trump voter turn out in 2022. Public opinion will probably be with Biden, but the passion will be against him. This helps someone like Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia get Trump voters on his side and probably hurts a Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, a Mark Kelly in Arizona, and a Raphael Warnock in Georgia hold their Senate seats.

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