By Simon Daily | The Patriot Chronicles 

Now, Schumer is not intentionally joking and he is right about one thing, the right to vote is in fact an important right. But his bill does the exact opposite of what he is saying. Just look at the B.S. he is spewing below:

“All year long senate democrats have committed to passing legislation to protect the most sacrosanct right in our democracy the right to vote on two occasions senate democrats voted unanimously to begin debate in the senate on this critical issue and both times republicans formed a wall of total opposition against any progress on voting rights in the united states senate but republicans refusal to work with us is no excuse for not getting something done so later today [I] will be introducing the freedom to vote act a compromise voting rights bill that I intend to schedule a vote on in the very near future.

“This bill… contains many of the important provisions of previous voting right bills championed by the Senate democrats particularly by my colleague Senator Merkley it will protect the right to vote, put a stop to partisan gerrymandering, and the scourge of dark money in our  politics critically the elect the legislation also incorporates important feedback from election officials and includes new measures to promote greater voter confidence in our elections while stopping partisan election subversion.”

“This is a good proposal, one that nobody in this chamber should oppose. My colleague Senator Manchin is working with republicans to secure support to secure support for the bill and we look forward to hearing what changes they might make on legislation.”

The law will provide same-day registration that makes it easier for Democrats to cheat. The law also expands mail-in voting that allows Democrats further opportunities to cheat. And the bill allows felons the right to vote. The bill also allows a “workaround” on voter ID so anyone who walks into a polling center will be able to vote. It is the Democrat dream. Of course, ballot boxes and ballot harvesting will also be allowed. Democrats count on these tactics to steal 5-20 seats in an election. In 2018 Democrats stole 7 California seats through ballot harvesting alone.

The problem here is that Schumer is working with Manchin who is usually the only one who can stop the Dems from passing legislation. So this bill may very well pass the Senate. But Dems have been rigging elections recently so there is no trust there. I mean they rigged their own primary to get Hillary to beat Sanders and then this past presidential election was full of issues despite the claims that it was “the most secure in history”

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