Hulu has a documentary titled “Unacknowledged”, which is produced and narrated by Dr. Stephen Greer.  At first, it appears to be just another UFO documentary, but it goes well beyond that, delving into the fact that our government and all forms of media have been completely taken over by our own intelligence community.

What you will learn from this very accurate tale is that all forms of televised entertainment, in addition to almost all forms of news, have been carefully imbedded with intelligence community individuals tasked with making sure what you see and hear is in keeping with what they want you to see and hear — and nothing more.  How many times have you seen a movie where a trace cannot be made unless the caller is kept on the line for at least 30 seconds?  It’s a fat lie!  If your telephone caller ID can identify the caller before you answer the phone, that should put that fat lie to rest.

Every time the FBI has another scandal, programs and movies are produced that glorify the FBI.  Every April, you will see news telling you to file an honest tax return or the IRS bogeyman will come knocking.  When the CIA or other intelligence agency comes under scrutiny, programs and movies are produced to glorify them as well.

Much of the doctored media you see is intended to brainwash you into believing whatever they want you to believe, and it most often includes highly exaggerated abilities of the FBI, CIA and NSA to solve “problems”.  In truth, the ability of those agencies is quite limited compared to how they are being depicted.  The intent, obviously, is to make you believe the government, in all its forms, will “catch” you if you break one of their laws.  These depictions also include scenes where these agencies and their personnel refuse to violate constitutional protections, whereas in real life they will commit any act in furtherance of their goals, and constitutional protections be damned.

I hate to be a buzzkill, but today, everything you see and hear is intended to influence you, rather than entertain you, and if you begin to watch each movie and program with that fact in mind, you will begin to spot what they’re doing.

They are very clever.

Carl F. Worden

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