Reports: Cartels to Provoke Border Agents, Illegal-alien Invasion Could Provide Cover for Bioweapons Terrorism

Reports: Cartels to Provoke Border Agents, Illegal-alien Invasion Could Provide Cover for Bioweapons Terrorism

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The Biden Regime’s failure to stop the illegal-alien invasion at the southern border and vilification of the Border Patrol has handed the drug cartels and America’s enemies a major weapon they can use to attack the country.

The cartels, Lara Logan of Fox News reported, are pushing drug smugglers to confront border agents to provoke a reaction that will be recorded and further undermine the border force. The mass invasion could provide cover for a terrorist or foreign power to smuggle a bioweapon into the country, she said, citing national security experts.

So the threat the illegal aliens represent is not just one of budget-busting numbers or the inevitable crime wave Americans will suffer. They and Biden, the man who invited them in, are gravely endangering national security.

Cartel Orders

Logan spoke to officials in the Rio Grande Valley sector of the border, she tweeted:

Acc to law enfcmt in RGV Texas, BP agents advised latest Intel from cartels: after Biden response to horse patrol, cartels ordered their smugglers to force BP to react/appear to use excessive force & record. Cartels will push to media to force more agents off the line….

Intel assessment from Gulf Cartel/CJNG is that agents are unprotected under Biden Administration. Confirmed by official guidance — agents advised there will be no support from Chief Ortiz at the top, they are on their own & to expect things to get much worse.

In other words, the cartels watch social media and leftist news outlets just a Biden does. After leftists began caterwauling about the agents’ using “whips,” Biden ran for the bushes. His Homeland Security chief, Cuban immigrant Alejandro Mayorkas, suspended the agents, even though he knew they didn’t use whips.

The cartels know they have a weakling and a sympathizer in the White House.

Bioweapons Coming?

But something worse than illicit drugs and penniless “migrants” might be coming soon, Logan told Fox’s Martha McCallum.

“Everyone in the world knows [the border is unprotected], right? Our adversaries, terrorists, anyone. When you consider that the U.S. just put a terrorist superstate in power in Afghanistan, you know, those things are seen together,” Logan said.

Worse thing is, the leftist media is hiding the invasion that terrorists could use as a convenient caravan across the border. A terrorist knows Biden won’t deport him.

Continued Logan:

They don’t want us to connect the dots. Unfortunately, they’ve been so successful in trying to divide the country that you have millions of people that won’t be watching your show, only going to watch the networks or read the New York Times. They’re not going to have any idea what the truth is. That only serves the people who are standing up there, pretending there’s no crisis on the border.


That means Biden and his gang have left the borders open to everyone, not just the 30,000 Haitians on their way now. One or more “migrants” might be a Red Chinese agent with a bioweapon souped up at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with help from U.S. taxpayer subsidies, courtesy of Anthony Fauci.

“This administration knew that was happening long before it got to this point. They know the people are disbursing now. There’s hundreds of Haitians that have run away from under the Del Rio Bridge and disappeared into the countryside,” Logan told McCallum:

They know also that everywhere that there’s been a mass migration of illegal immigrants, there’s been a spike in COVID cases in this country.

Bioweapons specialists and intel agents say that is typical of how you disburse a virus, if you did something like a virus bomb or a virus attack in your own country or another country. Those are questions that we don’t get a chance to ask.

Biden and Mayorkas are resettling some 100,000 Afghans here. They permitted more than 12,000 Haitians to waltz across the border. The two men charged with homeland security know nothing about them.

They do know they need more Democrat voters to complete The Great Replacement and take permanent power.

Reprinted with permission 

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