Miss Ebony is growing


Editor’s Note: And I was told Conservative’s are heartless.

I have rec’d numerous emails asking about Miss Ebony so here are two pictures I took of her on the 19th.

She is growing and her fur is super soft and cuddly.  She is allowing me to pick her up and love her without any protests and she purrs and purrs.

I feed her on the back porch under a protected storage tub to keep the chickens from eating her food.  She has grown too big to wriggle into the chicken pen at night so she has found a safe place amongst the hay bales next to the chicken pen.  She generally is sitting outside the pen door in the morning or if I am a bit late in putting her breakfast out she will be found at the back door meowing for her food.

especially if the sun is shining there in the early afternoon.  I have learned to LOOK thru the windows in the door before opening the door so as to not hit her.

She still considers herself one of the flock of chickens and can be found nearby the flock, generally close to Chester the Rooster.  When the hens go searching for bugs along the row of sage on the back property line I can see Ebony stalking behind them until one of the two hens that have taken a dislike to her turn and go after her.  She then jumps up into the sage until they go back to their bug hunting.  She then resumes her stalking stance.  It is a riot to watch.  She is also having a blast chasing after the leaves that are fast falling from the oak trees..  and yesterday she found one of Chester’s tail feathers and played with it for a long time.


Earlier picture

I forgot to mention that a few nights back I got up around midnight to get a drink of tonic water for the ankle cramps I was dealing with and thought I saw something under the carport – and, without my glasses I thought it might be Ebony so I went to the back door and flipped the porch light on and WHOA – – it is a COON who must have smelled the cat food dish and was about to get into it.  I banged on the door and hollered and it took off.  I then went out and grabbed her dish and now it comes in at night so as to not encourage anymore COONS on the porch.  Can’t stand Porch Coons.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the update…..


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