House debt vote today

The House is expected tonight to tidy up a congressional skirmish over the debt ceiling — but only temporarily. On the U.S. economic front, leaders from the Capitol to C-suites wonder if employment puzzles and rising prices are blips or worrisome trends. And infectious disease experts concede they can’t be sure that COVID-19’s delta surge is really on the way out, or if the miracles of pharmaceutical breakthroughs against the virus will leave permanent political and global scars.

In other words, ennui is chasing President Biden and Congress, the U.S. economy and the coronavirus, and especially voter arguments that reflect it all. The House vote tonight interrupts a recess. The Senate is out of Washington until next week. In 21 days, Democrats believe a close gubernatorial contest in Virginia could be their national crystal ball. The president, Vice President Harris, party luminaries and first lady Jill Biden (scheduled this Friday in Richmond) are investing in the nail-biter contest in the  commonwealth (The Hill).

The Hill and The Associated Press: The House is expected to vote today on a Senate-passed bill to lift the nation’s borrowing authority by $480 billion until Dec. 3. Then the debate resumes.

Yahoo Finance: Inflation is here. It’s ugly. Expect to be smacked with higher sticker prices for food, gas, heating oil, jeans, Red Bull and maybe even clean air, if you haven’t already been.

The Associated Press: Congress off the rails? Lawmakers barrel toward fall fights.

The New York Times: Because of legislative negotiations and Senate rules, Biden has shelved a series of economic proposals, some of them indefinitely. In interviews, individuals who hoped to benefit from a proposed $3.5 trillion spending bill say they fear being left behind as Democrats trim their plans in order to leverage votes.

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