Embracing what’s Important

Love You Life; Living Happy, Healthy and Whole

By Victoria Osteen

My friend Shannon grew up with a heart for God, but as a young woman in her mid-twenties, her life became focused on other things. Her hands were full. Her career as a journalist was taking off beyond her wildest dreams. It appeared from the outside that she had a storybook life-complete with her Prince Charming. On the inside, however, their relationship was tumultuous, but it was one with which she had grown comfortable. Shannon believed that it was a good relationship and that she could change him, so she convinced herself to stay with the “prince.”

Regardless of how comfortable the relationship had become, she still had restlessness in her heart. She knew they were not right for each other. One day Shannon received a job opportunity in another state. As she pondered her future, she realized it was a big change and the most difficult decision she would ever make. She would have to leave the comfort of her home, her job, and her longtime boyfriend. For the first time in many years, she prayed. Ultimately, she decided to make the bold move and step decisively into the unknown. As hard as it was, she left everything that was familiar to her.

Shortly after her move, she was making dinner in her new apartment when an overwhelming sense of loneliness and fear engulfed her. She began second-guessing her decision, wondering if she had made a big mistake. As she sat there with tears in her eyes, God dropped two words into her heart: “trust” andobey.” She realized at that moment it was time to rise up, let go of the hurt and pain, and move forward into the future. Her first decision was to start attending church again. She made room for God in her life and He began to heal and restore her. She experienced a great peace and comfort and was able to embrace the changes He revealed to her, knowing that God was present in her life again. As she began her new life, God opened doors for her to meet new friends, and eventually she met and married a wonderful man who truly surpassed her every expectation!

Shannon’s restlessness was a result of the fact that God was trying to move her out of something that was not good for her, into something new, positive, and healthy. Her ability to recognize that something was wrong in her life, along with her willingness to trust God, gave her the courage to move forward. As she began to look out with a fresh vision and a fresh attitude, she was able to perceive the new things God had in store for her.

Today if you are in a relationship that is not right for you, don’t wrestle with your feelings or make excuses for what’s going on. I am not talking about a marriage relationship; I am talking about any relationship outside of marriage that you know is dragging you down and causing you to fall short of what you were intended to be. Are there influences in your life that you know are not right? Are you spending too much time with friends who are putting your destiny at jeopardy? Is there a commitment you are about to make in a relationship you’re unsure of? If you are seeing red flags but you’re afraid to let go because you don’t want to be alone, remember, God will never leave you alone; you are too important to Him.

Remember, God will never leave you alone; you are too important to Him.

When one door closes God will open a bigger and better door for you. He may be trying to stir you out of a situation that is not good for you. Even if you are thinking of a friend who walked out of your life, realize that may be God helping you. He may have closed that door so you couldn’t go back, preventing you from going in the wrong direction. God has such a great desire for you to reach your full potential. Be willing to recognize if there is something wrong in your life and have the courage to move forward, with a new perspective; be open for something bigger and better. Trust Him today; He wants you to have strong, healthy relationships so you can live your life happy, healthy, and whole.

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