Madison County Mayor recap

The county moves left….

In Madison County, A.J. Massey won the county mayor race.


“I’m starting to build a plan on how we can start to unite this county,” Massey said. “We had a lot of opportunities for some things that didn’t happen because we just had different ideas of where we wanted to be, so that’s my goal, is trying to get everybody rallied around some good ideas. Once again we have got to be on our toes, because somebody is going to lay claim to the next 10 years and I want it to be Madison County.”

Opponent Fren’Cherry Miller wishes Massey the best.

“A.J., you ran a great race, we talk quite a bit,” Miller said. “I felt like I’ve gained a friend. I’m very excited for what you are going to do for the county. A lot of people are looking to you now to make good positive choices, and I trust and believe that you will do that.”

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