Neighbor thought Anne Heche ‘was burned up and gone’ while trapped inside fiery car

The remains of Heche's car after the wreck.

The remains of Heche’s car after the wreck. BACKGRID

Anne Heche was literally going up in flames after crashing her blue Mini Cooper into a home in Los Angeles, a witness told The Post.

“I was convinced she was burned up and gone,” David Manpearl, who lives nearby and was the first person on the scene, told The Post on Saturday. “I couldn’t imagine anyone surviving that.”

Miraculously, Heche, 53, survived the Friday morning crash, as did the occupant of the house she destroyed, who had left the living room with her pets and moved to a side room just moments before Heche plowed her car into the home.

After trying to reach her inside the fiery wreck, Manpearl said he watched helplessly as Heche, who was trapped, appeared to burn alive before firefighters arrived.

Manpearl, 58, a software engineer, was at his home in the Mar Vista neighborhood just north of Venice when he was shocked to see a car hurtling at a high speed what he said is a very narrow street.

Home security footage obtained by a local CBS station showed a blue car recklessly speeding through a suburban-style community before the crash.

The nightmarish incident began unfolding a few minutes earlier, as Heche drove through a Mar Vista apartment complex and slammed into a garage door. Bystanders tried to get the “Donnie Brasco” actress out of the vehicle, but she backed up, drove off and went careening down Preston Way where she then veered into a small home, authorities said.

“My first thought was that it was a car malfunction or that there was some sort of medical issue,” Manpearl said of the speeding car. “The car was going three times faster than it should have been. She blew through three intersections. There was no turning or swerving or braking or skid marks.”

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