‘Democrats say the darndest things’

Well, well, it is amazing what some people will say isn’t it? Art Linkletter used to have a program, “Kids say the darndest things”.

It seems this week that ‘Democrats say the darndest things’. TN State Rep. Janis Sontany (D-Nashville) was certainly guilty of ‘open mouth–insert foot’ syndrome.

Proverbs 23 says: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so it he.

One does have to wonder what was in her heart. To say that her comments were ‘inappropriate’ is a real understatement and, if this statement had been made by a Republican lawmaker about a Democrat, there would be no back tracking.

Then there is the Democrat Congressman Etheridge, North Carolina, who physically attack a student who was just asking a question. BTW, there was nothing offensive about the student’s question. Dare I say that if this Congressman had been a Republican, the Democrats would be demanding his resignation? And then, when being challenged that he was not demonstrating enough ‘anger’ over the oil spill, on national television President Obama stated that he was on a fact-finding mission to find out “whose *** to kick”.

Just make you proud — NOT!! What will conservative women be subjected to next? So much for “My body, my choice,” libs?

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When we have citizens going to jail for speaking out in opposition to political shenanigans you know something is WRONG when this kind of action can take place and the PERP isn’t put in jail.

Political class elite will not tolerate citizens or their involvement in the political process. This shocking video demonstrates not only outrageous disrespect for a member of We the People this breed we call American Human citizens, but a total hostility towards the people the political class elite represent.

This has become a typical response to citizen  protests across the nation. Political class elite corrupt elected officials refuse to accept the constitutional ideals of government with the consent of the governed in a Constitutional Republic.

Their dictatorial and unbelievably coarse treatment of those who are their boss is not acceptable under any circumstance or in any venue.

This “elected representative” should summarily be dismissed as a representative of we the people.

Ethericdge should be arrested, and locked up so he will not pose a threat to the public. He should be on the home grown terrorist watch as a suspected hate group member.

The biggest hate group we have in the USA is the combined Group of Elected Representatives. They are all terrorists who kill thousands with their corrupt legislation every day.

Mark W Lowry

A democrat congressman gives reply.

You may not have seen it.

Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk

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