‘Anarchist’ Middle School English Teacher Admits to Indoctrinating Children: ‘F**k the Parents’


Project Veritas (PV) released a new video from its Secret Curriculum series Monday, exposing a middle school English teacher from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who claims to be an “anarchist” who indoctrinates children against their parents with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the American system of government.

Tyler Wrynn is an eighth-grade English teacher at Will Rogers Middle School. In the video, Wrynn is heard describing himself to the undercover PV journalist as “an anarchist.”


“So, I have a rather large TikTok following,” Wrynn said, according to the video. “I’m an authority figure. So, I [publish] a Christmas message of, ‘Hey, if your parents don’t love and support you for who you are this Christmas, f**k them. I’m your parent now. I love you. Drink some water. I’m proud of you.’”

The English teacher is heard stating that a “problem,” for him, in Oklahoma is House Bill 1775 Emergency Rules.

“Trust me, I want to burn down the entire system,” he admitted.

“I can get my license revoked for it, for being too woke,” he said. “I broadcasted too much last semester, so …”

In the video, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe explains Wrynn once called himself Tyler Parks and taught at the Owasso 8th Grade Center until he resigned last April in the wake of his TikTok videos being exposed by Libs of TikTok.

“Parents were outraged,” O’Keefe noted, after Wrynn posted his TikTok video in which he told students “f**k” your parents, I’m your parent now,” circulated on social media.

Though Wrynn left Owasso, he found himself a new teaching post at Will Rogers in Tulsa – only 11 miles away from his previous school – where he continues to proclaim himself an “anarchist.”

“They couldn’t stop you,” the PV undercover journalist is heard telling Wrynn in the video. “Obviously you’re teaching, so that’s good.”

“No, they definitely couldn’t,” Wrynn responded. “Owasso was like, they were super – they didn’t want to stand up to the parents, which I get. I mean, it’s Oklahoma, so what are you going to do?”

“But, they definitely didn’t f**k me over, like nothing went on my record,” he added. “I could resign instead. So, I didn’t, like, tarnish my teaching experience with them.”

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