Woman Says Hospitals are Murdering Patients “for Money”

Gail Seiler, a woman who almost died due to government hospital COVID-19 protocols in early December 2021, is now the Texas chair of a foundation that gathers terrible stories like hers.

She believes she “lost control” of her care at the hospital when she admitted she was unvaccinated.

She felt “neglected and abused,” was never examined by a doctor, was only offered ventilation and remdesivir as treatment options (she refused), was deprived of food and water, wasn’t allowed visitors, and her family was told she had a DNR (do not resuscitate) order when she did not.

She said, “I knew that they were trying to kill me” adding that patients are “being murdered for money.” After getting Covid meds and oxygen set up at home, her husband “broke in,” took her home, and saved her life.

Texas legislators are now considering legislation to prevent these dangerous protocols.

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