Us Federal Law On Bioweapons Reclassified

Unless and until some very, very intelligent and hard-working lawyers really step up to the plate, and a majority of Supreme Court judges suddenly grow spines and properly interpret the Constitution and throw out laws that are abhorrent to it, there won’t be a Nuremberg 2.0, there won’t be any civil suits, there won’t be any compensatory damages for injured victims or survivors of dead victims of the COVID-19 injections, and there won’t be any true justice BECAUSE…

The legal codes and regulations have been so skillfully manipulated over several decades that “the law” appears to allow the government to conduct domestic bioterrorism with impunity.

The core reason, is that Emergency Use Authorized products, including masks, PCR tests, mRNA and DNA injections, and other drugs, devices and biologics, were “authorized” under 21 USC 360bbb-3(k).

If a product is the subject of an authorization under this section, the use of such product within the scope of the authorization shall not be considered to constitute a clinical investigation…

21 USC 360bbb-3(k)

This is true no matter how untested, unmonitored, unsafe, or ineffective they are, no matter whether their harmfulness to human health and uselessness for infection-control are known before use, or discovered afterward.

EUA products are pseudo-legally exempt from laws regulating researcher use of investigational, experimental drugs, devices and biologics on human beings.

EUA products are pseudo-legally exempt from laws regulating physician use of approved drugs, devices and biologics as medical treatments for patients.


Until the Supreme Court strikes down the sections of the United States code that give these perpetrators of biological warfare “pseudo-legal” cover, then “LEGALLY”…

There are NO manufacturers of experimental products (EUA products are not part of any clinical investigation, and therefore not experimental.)

There are NO government or private contracts for purchase of experimental products; there are only contracts for ‘large scale vaccine manufacturing demonstrations.’

There is NO act of administration of any experimental products.

There are NO nurses or pharmacists administering experimental products.

There are NO human subjects (of experiments) or patients (of physicians providing treatment) receiving experimental products: no victims.

There is NO party responsible for the wellbeing of recipients after administration of EUA products.

There is NO treatment group and no control group.

Human beings administering EUA products have NO informed consent obligations to provide information about ingredients, risks, benefits, alternatives, or the option to accept or refuse the products.

Human beings receiving EUA products have NO informed consent rights to receive information about ingredients, risks, benefits, alternatives, or the option to accept or refuse the products.

There are NO Institutional Review Boards supervising administration of the experimental products.

There are NO safety standards for EUA products. There are NO efficacy standard for EUA products.

There are NO clinical investigators studying the effects of EUA products on human subjects.

There are NO doctors, nurses, or other treatment providers providing experimental treatment to their patients subject to the Hippocratic Oath (“first do no harm”) using EUA products.

There is NO coordinated, public, federal government monitoring of recipients after receiving the products for adverse effects and deaths.

There is NO coordinated, public, federal government data collection or analysis.

There is NO legal requirement for medical supervision during product administration.

There is NO legal requirement for recipient monitoring after product administration.

There is NO requirement for individual prescriptions to be written prior to dispensing EUA products, and products dispensed without prescriptions “shall not be deemed adulterated or misbranded.”

Manufacturers, as contractors, are considered HHS employees for purposes of legal immunity under Federal Tort Claims Act.

The Department of Defense is authorized to contract with pharmaceutical corporations to conduct ‘prototype’ experiments [demonstrations?] on the general public, and under such contracts, is exempt from legal obligation to comply with Good Clinical Practices or other FDA regulations.

There are NO required standards for quality-control in manufacturing; no inspections of manufacturing procedures; NO prohibition on wide variability among lots; NO prohibition on adulteration; and NO required compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

EUA products, even though unregulated and non-standardized, “shall not be deemed adulterated or misbranded.”

There are NO labeling requirements regarding the contents or ingredients in EUA products.

There is NO limitation of administration of EUA products past their expiration dates.

There cannot be clinical trial fraud, because there are NO clinical investigations, NO investigational drugs, NO investigators and NO human subjects.

There are NO marketing standards.

There cannot be consumer fraud, because the only legal parties to the financial transactions are the US government (DOD) as buyer; the US government (HHS) as regulator authorizing exemptions from consumer protection laws that otherwise apply to medical products; and the pharmaceutical corporations as sellers, contracted to develop and manufacture the products.

There are NO commercial pharmaceutical products, NO commercial marketplace, and NO commercial market consumers.

There is NO access to courts for judicial review of the facts or law relating to HHS Secretary declarations of EUA products, which are committed to agency discretion.

There is NO access for plaintiffs, to civil courts for judicial review, and NO entity to whom civil liability can attach, for injuries and deaths caused by declared covered countermeasures, unless and until FDA/HHS and/or Attorney General/DOJ file enforcement action against manufacturers and prove willful misconduct proximate to injury or death, but HHS and DOJ have operated the EUA product program together with the manufacturers since inception, and will not prosecute their co-conspirators.

Even if there were access to courts for judicial review, and a fact-finder found evidence of harms caused by administration of products to recipients, and even evidence that those who caused the harms, by developing, manufacturing, distributing and/or administering the EUA products, knew the EUA products were toxic and knew their own actions were harmful, “just following orders” is an authorized, legal defense.


There are NO actions that can be “legally” classified as crimes or civil torts; there are NO medical battery or homicide victims, or plaintiffs; and there are NO medical batterers or murderers. Because legally, nothing has been done, and NO one has done anything, to anyone else. The recursive loop can be infinite, as covered countermeasures are developed, authorized and deployed, through HHS Secretary EUA declarations, as treatments for complications from prior countermeasures.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and FDA Commissioner Robert Califf are running the US government’s bioterrorism program jointly with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Department of Justice Attorney General Merrick Garland, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Majorkas, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, and World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

This is one monstrous, pseudo-legal fuster-cluck.

Again, kudos and many thanks to Katherine for researching and exposing this.

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