A Shocking New Study on Gun Laws Has Joe Biden and Gun Grabbers Denying Science

Deep State Watch

The Biden administration is stepping up its efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

Now Joe Biden is vowing to ban so-called “assault weapons” even though nobody can actually define what they are.

And now a shocking new study on gun laws has Joe Biden and gun grabbers denying science.

Despite the fact that every study shows gun laws do nothing to stop criminals, anytime a deranged criminal uses a gun to kill people, the Democrats and RINOs call for more gun control.

The simple fact is criminals will always find a way to get guns whether there’s a law or not – because criminals break the law!

If there’s one slogan the left loves to use it’s ‘Believe the Science.’

Well except when it comes to abortion and transgenderism.

And actually when it comes to climate change as well.

Oh and now when it comes to guns.

A new study published by the Journal of Surgical Research shows the results of the connections between legal gun sales and crime in all 50 states.

Published under the title, ‘Legal Firearm Sales at State Level and Rates of Violent Crime, Property Crime, and Homicides,’ the study stated:

“Nationally, all crime rates except the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–designated firearm homicides decreased as firearm sales increased over the study period. Using a naïve national model, increases in firearm sales were associated with significant decreases in multiple crime categories. However, a more robust analysis using generalized estimating equation estimates on state-level data demonstrated increases in firearms sales were not associated with changes in any crime variables examined.”

That’s right, this extensive study proved (again) that increased sales in firearms have nothing to do with increased gun crimes.

In fact, violent crimes drop in localities with pro-gun laws in place.

In contrast, violent crime increases in places with more gun laws in place.

One only need to look at cities and states with strict gun laws to see the obvious.

Places like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Colorado all have strict gun laws yet have seen a huge spike in violent crimes.

Meanwhile in those cities and states with pro-Second Amendment laws, violent crime has stayed roughly the same or decreased.

Of course, criminals prey on the weak, the unsuspecting, and the unarmed.

At the very least, this newest study may finally force some of those weak-kneed Republicans to face the reality of voting for more gun laws.

But we aren’t holding our breath either.

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