Quote for Today December 17th

“Scout,” said Atticus, “when summer comes you’ll have to keep your head about far worse things… it’s not fair for you and Jem, I know that, but sometimes we have to make the best of things, and the way we conduct ourselves when the chips are down—well, all I can say is, when you and Jem are grown, maybe you’ll look back on this with some compassion and some feeling that I didn’t let you down.” (11.53)

Atticus Finch to Jean Louise Finch (Scout)

Sometimes it’s kids rather than parents who just don’t understand. Atticus knows that his behavior seems incomprehensible or just plain stupid from some perspectives, so he hopes Scout and Jem will be able to understand why he did what he did when they’re older, even if they’re too young to get it now. There’s no shame in being an object of compassion.

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