The blessing of a New Year

Another New Year on the horizon. As I have written before, I am pretty technically savvy (especially for my age *smile*) about everything EXCEPT my yearly calendar.  There I am VERY old school.  I have an old fashion big calendar, showing a full month at the time, hanging to the right of my computer monitor.

That means that toward to the end of December each year, I take the old calendar, open the new calendar and spend time transferring birthdays,
anniversaries, important dates, appointments, and events that I already know about for 2014.  It is ALWAYS a rather sobering experience.  Why?
Because as I go through the months doing the postings, I have no idea what else that day or month will bring. What joys, what sorrows, what losses, what changes (some temporary, some permanent) etc., that the new year will bring.  I think all of us will acknowledge that we are living in perilous
times with threats on every side.  So, where is the stability?  ONLY in Jesus. He is the ONE unchanging person that we can depend on — the same
yesterday, today and forever.

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is Exodus 33:21: (You can see context HERE.)

Then the LORD said, “There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock.”

Now that passage will preach–On the rock, near the Lord– there is safety, stability, security regardless of what is swirling around us.

I describe myself as ‘hard wired Type A personality on steroids’ and ‘control freak’.  In the natural I do not like the unknown nor surprises unless
they are gift wrapped in small boxes!!  But, alas, life isn’t like that. At the beginning of 2012, there was no way of knowing that Ron would have a heart attack in February and ultimately have open heart surgery.  I look back at that now and I honestly don’t know how we got through those long days except I KNOW that God did it!!

So, a New Year coming — a great time to assess and give thought to what are the right priorities for our time, our talent and our treasure. Life is serious business — we MUST handle it carefully with prayer!!

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