The rich man also will fade away in his pursuits. —James 1:11

After Bob Ritchie graduated from college, he spent the next two decades in the grasp of a love for money and advancement. He uprooted his wife and family five times for his career, so that he could make more money. Each time they left warm church communities behind.

After a while, Bob and his family seldom had time for church. As God’s people became strangers, so did the Lord. He became desperately lonely and isolated. Growing discontented with his life, he finally said, “Enough!”

Bob now testifies that God taught him the meaning of the word downsize. He stopped pursuing money, spent less time at work, cut back on his purchases, and learned to be content with what he had. The family again became faithful to the Lord and active in a church.

In his brief and practical epistle, James warned us not to be obsessed with amassing wealth (1:9-11; 5:1-6). Whether we’re rich or poor, the desire for money can subtly take over our lives. Some believers have fallen into its clutches without being aware of it and are fading away in their pursuits (1:11).

Do you need to follow Bob’s example? It may be time to say, “Enough!”

David C. Egner

If money is your highest goal,
  The thing you long to gain,
  Its power will enslave your soul
  And cause your life much pain.

D. De Haan

He is truly rich who is satisfied with Jesus.

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