I’m in Debt

I am a debtor both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to wise and to unwise. —Romans 1:14

A shopper underestimated the total cost of her groceries. When the cashier added up the items, the woman was $4 short. Then something unusual happened. The man behind her in the checkout lane saw her digging through her purse and motioned to the clerk to put the amount on his bill. He modestly refused to give the woman his name.

A few days later, the local newspaper reported that a charity organization had received a $4 check with the following note: “This check is for the man who helped me out of a tight spot. I came up with the idea of giving it to you as a thank-you to him.”

This incident illustrates a vital spiritual principle. We should feel an obligation to pass along to others the kindnesses shown to us. That’s how the apostle Paul responded to God’s mercy. Of course, he could never repay the Lord for salvation, but that didn’t stop him from openly showing his gratitude. Because of what he had received, he showed the highest kind of charity—sharing the gospel with others.

Let’s not think that because we can’t repay God for saving us, we owe Him nothing. We are indebted to Him for everything. The least we can do is show our appreciation by telling others about Him.

Mart De Haan

How much I owe for love divine!
  How much I owe that Christ is mine!
  But what He did for me I know,
  I cannot tell how much I owe.


Jesus gave His all for us. Do we give our all for Him?

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