What’s The Point?

Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all. —Ecclesiastes 12:13

What’s the point? This question came to mind as I watched my grandsons’ dog fetch a ball for me again and again.

What’s the point? That’s what the writer of Ecclesiastes asked as he thought about the monotonous cycle he observed in nature and in life—the same things happening year after year, generation after generation.

What’s the point? That’s what a retired businessman was asking, in effect, when he told me he would just as soon die as live any longer. He had seen and done everything he had wanted to do. Now he had reached the place where life held more pain for him than pleasure.

What’s the point? Here it is. A few years before a friend of mine died, he said, “Life is a wonderful experience. It’s marvelous to see that God keeps nature going in its pattern. It’s wonderful to know that we’re here to love God above everything and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It’s comforting to believe that all our sins are forgiven because of what Christ did on the cross. And it’s exciting to think about the eternity God has for us. It sure is great to be alive.”

Life can be depressing when God is left out. But how exciting it is when He is at the center!

Herbert Vander Lugt

The life that counts is linked with God
  And hopes in His unfailing love;
  It walks with joy where Jesus trod—
  The life that counts is from above.


When we focus on Christ, everything else becomes clear.

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