How to Talk to Your Friendly Neighborhood Liberal

by  / The Patriot Post

What do the architects and activists of progressive ideas in your state believe?  It is important to know the bywords and misrepresentations of certain “social reform” groups when you hear them so you can engage in civil yet effectual public discourse when necessary.

Here is a short list with suggested rebuttal:

  1. While they may pay lip service to the role conservative values played in your states history, today those who favor liberal ideals generally see them as outdated and thereby obstacles to the “right” to do whatever they want.

Generally missing from this position is an historical synopsis of these conservative values they no longer value. If they see these values as positive, why is that are they no longer valued? Here are some values to discuss:  the value of life, traditional family, religious freedom, fiscal responsibility.

  1. “Conservative” legislation and policy decisions are generally seen as being perpetrated on the populace by state conservatives.  Conservative policy is viewed as bigoted and backwards thinking.

Clearly, the word “conservative” is code for values that are no longer esteemed by progressives.  What they are actually saying is that they want your state to be like other states which excuse people to behave in whatever way they want without having to accept the consequences, i.e. sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, entitlement lifestyles, etc.  The truth is that the Constitution only guarantees the right to pursue happiness; it does not guarantee the happiness.

Another problem with these inflammatory statements is the implication that legislation is somehow passed against the desire of the voting majority.  This is not so, in truth elected officials are working in tandem with the participation of the people, hence the term “democratic” government.  The 2012 elections are just another example of the conservative preferences in the majority of America’s electorate.

The obvious contradiction in these accusations is to say that elected representatives are abusing the people who elected them when they put forward legislation that the people vote for.

  1. Progressives claim our nation is at a pivotal point in our history and that equality, progressivism (code for the oxy-moron – enlightened foolishness), and civil rights (code for laws that protect my right to do whatever I want) are critical domestic issues, and that your state has fallen behind if it clings to conservative values.

You could agree that we are indeed at a critical juncture in our nation.  And where we go from here will be partly determined by the participation of its citizens.  This of course is the definition of democracy.  No one on either side of the aisle should have a problem with that.

However, progressives make statements about what is important to America as if it is a forgone conclusion that the issues they champion are the most important to your state’s future when in fact your state’s “status” is not based on their success to replace principles and values they do not esteem.

You could argue that “history” is the key word in this argument because a simple review of the history of progressivism would do two things initially.  It would be an eye opener for anyone willing to research the major consequences that have come from these ideas and it would serve as a crucial reminder of its failings.  18th century France is an obvious example.

The people of France sought to advance beyond religious principles and the result was ultimate tyranny. The reality is that the values and morality which some are so eager to progress beyond are the only stable foundation that a society can be built on.

In fact history shows that when humans try to run the world without God and His infinite wisdom, confusion and descent into despotism is the result.  Everywhere God has been removed from a society; decline is close behind and even if the consequences take a few hundred years to unfold, there are no exceptions to this rule to date.

  1. Stealth progressive PAC’s support political candidates in states which promote the ideals of liberalism and progressive reform at the state level as well as at the national level.

Here is a pointed question to ask.  Is the progressive objective really just to “promote” progressive ideas?  Be sure to point out that when conservative ideas are promoted it is equal to perpetrating bigoted legislation upon the people but when progressive legislation is promoted it is okay.  This is an important distinction and you could point out it seems to be somewhat hypocritical.

In truth, progressives are less concerned with the future of your state and more concerned with doing what they want and avoiding the consequences.

  1. Progressives like to make sweeping statements claiming that when social fairness and progressive ideas are pushed aside in “modern society” the values we all embrace will suffer.

Where do you start with this notion?  Clearly, the citizens of America value life, fiscal responsibility, traditional family, etc. Conservative concepts are the “backwards” wishes of the people of America.  Just because the progressive agenda is voted out by the democratic process doesn’t mean we don’t have a democracy.

History proves that the conservative values do more to provide the bedrock for a healthy and enduring society than any “reform” to date.  Today it is clearer than ever that in truth “progressive” ideals only cause a society to “regress” back to barbaric behavior where the only things that matter are the selfish and self-centered desires which more traditional values help to quell.


Our nation is divided as ever before between the left and the right, between conservative and liberal. We are at odds on critically important political and social matters. We must defend our convictions with all the civility we can, no matter what our opponents do or say.

As conservatives, we want all American citizens to thrive. And for that reason we stand for life, for religious liberty, traditional marriage and economic freedom. And stand we must.


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