Eager For Heaven

The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. —Revelation 21:21

My neighbor Jasmine, age 9, was sitting on the front porch with me one summer evening. Out of the blue she started talking about her bad choices and how she needed God’s forgiveness. We talked and prayed together and she asked Jesus to be her Savior.

Questions about heaven started pouring out of her: “Are the streets really gold? Will my mom be there? What if she isn’t? Will I have a bed, or will I sleep on a cloud? What will I eat?” I assured her that heaven would be a perfect home, and that she would be with Jesus, who would give her everything she needed. She replied with excitement, “Well, then let’s go right now!”

The apostle Paul had a heavenly perspective too (Philippians 1:23). His testimony was, “To me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (v.21). He knew that this life was about knowing, trusting, and serving God. But he also knew that life in heaven would be “far better” because he would “be with Christ” (v.23). He wanted to stay here so that he could minister to the Philippians and others, but he was ready to go to heaven at any time to see Jesus.

Jasmine is ready to go now. Are we as eager for heaven as she is?

Anne Cetas

No matter what we learn of God
  And of the fullness of His grace,
  The picture will not be complete
  Until we meet Him face-to-face.


Those who have their hearts fixed on heaven will hold loosely the things of earth.   

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