The NAACP calls Senator Tim Scott a “ventriloquist’s dummy”

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This is an absolute classic snip of video. As our title notes, the NAACP couldn’t help themselves this week, they celebrated MLK day by calling the only black in the US Senate, Tim Scott, a “ventriloquist’s dummy” because he’s a conservative.

It’s interesting to note that no one from the NAACP would come on with Scott and say that to his face, they just sent a statement doubling down on their abject stupidity.

Watch the video and you’ll see why no one from the National Association of Race Baiters will get anywhere near Senator Scott.

That, we think, left a mark.

As you listen to Senator Scott you hear the difference between progressives and conservatives. Progressives insist that you must be indentured to the government, an altogether dreary message. It’s a message marked by failure so obvious even the blind could see it. People like the NAACP, Democrats in general, and Barack Obama and his ilk in particular, can’t see it because they’re blinded by their need to grab power and the ability to control what you do down to the most personal and minute parts of your life.

Conservatives, on the other hand, as Senator Scott notes so well, believe in personal responsibility and work. That doesn’t play well with a group that twice elected a guy who spends more time on the golf course than he does working to successfully implement his “signature legislation” over a four year period.

Senator Scott, we’re not only proud you’re in the US Senate, we’d be willing to trade the state of South Carolina TWO US Senators for you. That way, South Carolina could have three Senators! Of course two of them would be John McCain and Jeff Flake, but they still get three!

We can make this deal, just give us a call.

As a side note, the NAACP leadership in our lovely state of Arizona is just as out of touch with reality as they are in South Carolina.

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