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Navy Sailor after Fukushima: I’m in a wheelchair, now it’s spreading to my arms and hands

Chief Arvol Looking Horse at U.N. to speak about Fukushima crisis and threat to future of humanity

Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) Urges State To Post Information On Fukushima Disaster’s Risk To California Beaches

Local Chef Takes North Pacific Seafood Off Menu

I have all the documents shown; also obtained them under a FOIA years ago while the impostor playing president continues to squat in the people’s house.

CSU Criminology Professor Tackles Obama Indonesian Name Soebarkah

Also see this one on same subject

Flashback: Pelosi also needs to be indicted for fraud at the very least:

Pelosi, why the two Certifications of Nomination?

I believe Boehner is covering for himself and it all has to do with illegal gun running to Syrians and their mess. Iran-Contra all over again. Johnny Boy says the committes are working on it….here’s a news flash for you: How many more years of committee horse and pony shows will we the people see before those responsible are put in jail?

Trump Calls for Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi Scandal — Boehner Says No — Covering for Obama

Meet ‘the new birthers’

Another threat to the people of this country: Obama To Pave Way For 30,000 Syrian Islamists To “Resettle” In America

10 new tax traps to watch out for in 2014

New York Officials Move to Seize WWII Vet’s Property – and With Taxpayer Dollars

The VA Corruption Scandal You Haven’t Heard Of

The new flu vaccine is worthless, says David Brownstein, MD

You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. You can’t be turned down because of a pre-existing condition because the American tax payer will foot the bill on top of paying their own health care premiums and Medicaid in their state.

Family With Rare Medical Conditions Denied Obamacare Coverage, Now Struggling With New Plan’s Expense

Sen. Rand Paul Reveals: Obama Wrote the Regulation to Cancel Your Insurance; every Democrat Voted For It

Obamacare Shoppers Can’t Find Cost-Effective Plans

Top Medicare Advantage insurer knew Obamacare would cause devastation for seniors

If you live in any of the states listed, get on the phone to your state legislator and tell him or her you want this passed:

Obamacare falling apart at the seams

Well, it’s gone up. The original proposal was $.04 on the dollar. I won’t be surprised if the next two cities are Chicago & Houston:

Detroit bankruptcy proposal would leave pensioners with 16 cents on the dollar

DMV Official Pleads Guilty to Giving Driver’s Licenses to Hundreds of Illegals

Bezerkley nut cases at it again: UC Berkeley Bans Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Hurt Economy, Lower Wages

International Olympic Committee Bans Image of U.S. Constitution, Calling It “Propaganda”

Cheap labor while Americans are starving and living off unemployment and food stamps. Gotta generate more dividends for stockholders and the hell with American workers:

Appalling conditions of factory workers who make Dell computers who are forced to work seven-day, 74-hour weeks and live in dorms with no hot water

If you’re job hunting or know someone who needs work:

Huge listings

Search 3 million Jobs on Indeed

We can destroy their plans and create a job boom simply by buying Made in America. Keep buying Made in USA. Ask where you shop. Let them know you will order on line, but we support American workers first. We CAN create a huge job boom by making just one Made in America product each time we shop. That means fruits and vegetables, too.

Feed Rescued Dogs Waiting For Forever Homes

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