On the Ranch

It has been an interesting week or so around here.  The beautiful Egyptian Geese have been in and out – not spending full days as they had before but that could be due to the lack of what they prefer to eat which is due to that pond being dry for so long…   and it being

frozen over a few mornings as well.  It was 12 degrees here yesterday morning – but NO moisture at all.  We REALLY are in dire need of rain or even some snow….  but no more ICE like that ice storm we had.

The new calf is running around and being mothered by the previous new calf.  I love how the one before takes up the mothering role with the new borns..   like older sisters taking care of the younger one.   When they are left to lay down alone by the mama the older sister will lay with the new one until mama returns.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral of you have inquired about Miss Ebony.  What a clown she is!!!!   She is still growing and still thinks she is one of the laying down amongst them or walking with them when they are out hunting and pecking.  I think I mentioned that she seemed to be learning to hunt – mice and birds.

Well, yesterday when I looked out the kitchen window under the carport there she was –  batting around something – I couldn’t quite make it out at first as she has done that with leaves and small dirt clumps.  However, this time there was something different in HOW she was batting the object around and then laying down and curling up by it.  So, I took a closer look and VOILA!!  Miss Ebony was playing with her first (that I known of) “catch’,  a small field mouse.  It was dead by the time I noticed and had a bloodied nose that I saw later in the day.  She played with that thing for a good 20+ minutes that I watched.  Later when I went outside she had set her PRIZE at the foot of the steps to the porch – I am sure it was set there for me to see her PRIZE.  Now that she has had a successful hunt and kill I am sure she will be bringing more *gifts* for me to see.

What I like of all this is that between Miss Ebony and Miss Kitty and their hunting skills – that means no more or at least many fewer – snakes around here.

Hope this catches folks up on the ranch doings…..


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