Little Known Facts About Martin Luther King, Jr.

By way of background information, I must quote at some length from A. Ralph Epperson’s extraordinary book The Unseen Hand (An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History), Publius Press (1985), chapter 3, Forms of Government, pp. 36-41…

This technique of subverting a democracy into  a dictatorship was spelled out in a book in 1957 by Jan Kozak, member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.  Mr. Kozak titled his book How Parliament Took a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism and the Role of the Popular Masses.  The American version of the book is titled And Not a Shot is Fired, the Communist Strategy for Subverting a Representative Government.  Mr. Kozak describes what has been called the “Pincers Movement,” the method by which the conspirators can use the parliament, the “Pressure from Above,” and the mob, the “Pressure from Below,” to convert a democracy into a dictatorship.  Mr. Kozak explained his strategy:

A preliminary condition for carrying out fundamental social changes and for making it possible that parliament be made use of for the purpose of transforming a capitalistic society into a socialistic one, is:

  1. to fight for a firm parliamentary majority which would ensure and develop a strong ‘pressure from above,’ and
  2. to see to it that this firm parliamentary majority should rely on the revolutionary activity of the broad working masses exerting ‘pressure from below.’

What Mr. Kozak proposed was a five part program to seize control of a government.

The first step consisted of  having the conspiracy’s own people infiltrate the government (the “pressure from above.”)

The second step was to create a real or alleged grievance, usually through either an action of government or through some situation where the government should have acted and didn’t.

The third step consisted in having a mob created by the real or alleged grievance that the government or the conspiracy caused demand that the program be solved by a governmental action (the “pressure from below.”)

The fourth step consisted in having the conspirators in the government remedy the real or alleged situation with some oppressive legislation.

The fifth step is a repeat of the last three.  The legislation that the government passes does not solve the problem and the mob demands more and more legislation until  the government becomes totalitarian in nature by possessing all of the power.

And total power was the goal of those causing the grievance.  The plan is, as Nesta Webster wrote in her book World Revolution:  “the systematic attempt to create grievances in order to exploit them.”

This technique was used, with a slight variation, by Adolf Hitler, who sent his own party loyalists into the streets (the “Pressure from Below”) to create the terror that he blamed on the government (the “Pressure from Above.”)  The German people, told by Hitler that the government in power couldn’t end the terror even though they passed oppressive legislation in an effort to stop it, listened to the one man who was offering relief:  Adolf Hitler.  He was in a position to stop the terror.  He was the one causing it!  And therefore he could end it!  And he promised that he would end it when he was given the power of government!

.. Others have become aware of Kozak’s strategy and have used it in a beneficial manner.  One such individual explained the method in 1965:

Non-violent demonstrators go into the streets;

Racists unleash violence against them;

Americans demand federal legislation;

The administration initiates measures of immediate intervention and remedial legislation.

The author of those words was Martin Luther King, Jr., who wrote them in an article in Saturday Review.  It appears that Mr. King somehow had heard of Jan Kozak’s book, as the methods are nearly identical.  Those who have studied Mr. King’s background before he became America’s Civil Rights leader are certain that Mr. King was in a position to have read and studied Kozak’s book itself.  The Augusta, Georgia Courier of July 8, 1963, printed a picture of M. King at the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee during the Labor Day weekend of 1957.  This school had an interesting history.  After King visited there, the school was closed by the Tennessee Legislature in 1960 after having conducted hearings into its true nature.  The school was cited as being a “meeting place for known Communists and fellow travelers,” and as a “Communist Training School.”

Mr. King’s association with the Communists and the Communist Party was not restricted to just those he met during the weekend at the Folk School, as Communists virtually surrounded him as he planned his civil rights activities.  The Reverend Uriah J. Fields, the Negro clergyman who was King’s secretary during the early stages of the bus boycott that made King famous, wrote this about those associated with him:  “King helps to advance communism.  He is surrounded with Communists.  This is the major reason I severed my relationship with him during the Fifties.  He is soft on communism.”

Another who supported the assertion that the Communists were involved in the activities of Mr. King was Karl Prussion, a former counterspy for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Mr. Prussion testified in 1963 after attending Communist Party meetings in California for five years:  “I further swear and attest that at each and every one of the aforementioned meetings, one Reverend Martin Luther King was always set forth as the individual to whom Communists should look and rally around in the Communist struggle on the many racial issues.”

So Mr. King certainly had the opportunity to read the book by Jan Kozak, and he was surrounded by those who certainly should  have been familiar with the method of this Communist strategist.  ANd King even put the strategy on paper for all to see.

The purpose of the Civil Rights movement was best summarized by a comment made by two of the past presidents of the American Bar Association, Loyd Wright and John C. Satterfield.  They once wrote the following about the Civil Rights Bill, one of the major “accomplishments” of the Civil Rights movement:  “It is ten percent civil rights and ninety percent extension of Federal executive power.  The ‘civil rights’ aspect of this legislation is but a cloak;  uncontrolled Federal Executive power is the body.”

So King’s major purpose was to increase the role of the government in the everyday lives of the American people.

Thus ends chapter 3.  Epperson mentions King twice more in chapter 37, Victories, first on p. 394…

3.  Martin Luther King:  One of Martin Luther King’s purposes was to foment civil strife in an attempt to divide the American people.

Dr. King’s effectiveness in these efforts was severely damaged by the courageous efforts of a Negro woman named Julia Brown.  She had spent more than nine years inside the Communist Party before she had surfaced to speak out about Dr. King’s connections to the Communist movement in the United States.

Mrs. Brown was saying:  “We [in the Communist Party] were also told to promote Martin Luther King to unite Negroes and whites behind him….He was taking directions from Communists.  I know for a fact the Communists would never have promoted him, financed him, and supported him if they couldn’t trust him.  I am certain as I can be that he knew what he was doing!”

A nationwide organization of local committees was formed called the Truth About Civil Turmoil (TACT) and it promoted Mrs. Brown’s speaking tours.  In fact, her speeches in teh South were arranged to precede those of Dr. King, and because of the charges she was making, Dr. King began cancelling his appearances all over the South whenever she was to speak before him.

…and then again on p. 396…

7.  Gun Registration or Confiscation:  One of the major victories in the fight against the Conspiracy is the continuing success against those who wish to disarm the American public.  There are many who believe that one of the reasons that John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King were assassinated by gunfire was to develop popular support for legislation to either register or confiscate the weapons of the American citizen.  Each time, however, these efforts have failed, primarily because of the lobbying efforts of an organization called the National Rifle Association.

The reason that this organization has become the largest lobbying organization in the United States is primarily because these gun owners fear the government, the only agency that can violate human rights.  They take the position that the Second Amendment to the Constitution (“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,”) means exactly that:  Congress shall pass no law confiscating the weapons of the citizens.

It helps to know the truth about historical figures that mainstream society teaches us to idolize.  Abraham Lincoln is similarly worshiped by many, a subject I will address in a future article.

Fred III

P.S.  Praise God that, as I write this, there have been no real or staged attempts on Barack Obama on the day of the public inauguration ceremonies, on MLK day.  The more you know about history, who is behind its evil machinations, and how they benefit from certain events, the more all this makes sense, and the clearer it becomes that there is wickedness in very high places.  (See Ephesians 6:12)

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