House GOP Immigration Principles Omit the Most Important Principle: Protecting the Interests of the American People


(Washington, D.C.  January 30, 2014)  In response  to today’s release by the Republican House leadership of their principles for  immigration reform, the following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president  of the Federation for American Immigration  Reform (FAIR):

“Instead of  standing up for Americans, House Republicans have unfortunately offered nothing  more than a vague set of principles in a seeming effort to satisfy special  interests, while wholesale ignoring the American People.

“The  Republican principles call for illegal aliens to be allowed to ‘live legally  and without fear in the U.S.’ of having the law enforced against them. This is  clearly and undeniably amnesty. There is one way for illegal aliens to ‘get  right with the law,’ and that is to obey the law.

“In addition,  the document calls for immediate and unconditional amnesty for younger illegal  aliens. The DREAM Act has been repeatedly rejected by Congress and the American  people. It is an inducement for millions more parents to send or bring their  children to the United States illegally in the future.

“Like the  Senate bill they disavow, the House GOP principles would grant immediate legal  status to illegal aliens before any enforcement provisions are in place. The  Republican principles reiterate enforcement promises that have already been  enacted and routinely ignored by both Democratic and Republican  administrations. 

“The  principles clearly bear the fingerprints of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and  other corporate interests that have been aggressively lobbying the House  leadership for more cheap foreign labor, both permanent and temporary.  Moreover, while criticizing the current family chain migration policy, the  Republican principles do not call for the elimination of immigration  entitlements for extended family members.

“Like  President Obama, the House leadership’s principles would put a dagger through  the heart of the struggling American middle class by flooding our already  saturated labor market with millions of new workers who will compete against  them for jobs and undercut wages.

“Like  President Obama, the House leadership’s plan for immigration reform would place  unsustainable burdens on our already overburdened and underfunded social safety  net.

“In short,  the principles offered by the House leadership not only ignore the core  interests of the American people, they willingly sacrifice those interests to  satisfy the demands of powerful special interest groups.”

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