Another proposed grand theft orchestrated against middleclass Arkansans, but not limited to, by Gov. Mike Beebe, a disciple of the Marxist Communist President Barack Hussein Obama, State Surgeon General Dr. Joe Thompson, Dr. Daniel W. Rahn, Chancellor of U of A for Medical Sciences, Dr. Clark Fincher, the Governor of the Arkansas Chapter of American College of Physicians; and some members of the Arkansas state legislature.

Do we feed them forever?  The aforementioned luminaries never, ever question why welfare numbers continue to exacerbate, what remedies are available which could terminate the lack of self-discipline and foster self-reliance, etc.  Instead, without any forethought, these subsidized bureaucratic and political elitists posit their position without feeling for the poor souls who are generating the funds for their entitlement feast.   In this same vein, the 30 year politicrat Beebe is proposing a 2% pay raise for state employees. It’s in your face citizens, and is a mirror image of precisely what Obama is doing to all America.  The producers are not receiving raises, as you well know, therefore why should government employees receive raises?

With the proposal to add 250,000 (that’s ¼ million) more non-producers to the welfare rolls will tally out to be at least 1,100,000 welfare recipients languishing & reproducing in our state alone. Arkansas’ population is roughly 2.5 million. Does that sound an alarm?  Citizens are not aware of how many illegals are dining at the welfare table—more corruption by Beebe and the state legislature. On bended knee, they shuffle to the music of the Walmart’s, Tyson’s, Stephen’s, the State Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Depending on whose numbers you accept there are somewhere between 2-5 million 3rd World, uneducated, poverty-ridden legal & illegal aliens entering our country on a yearly basis.  We as a nation are $16.4 TRILLION in debt, with a $75-100 Trillion in unfunded mandates, i.e. MEDICAID, Medicare, and Social Security. Notice that the Marxist Democrats gave approximately 3% increase in Social Security checks and those who have saved and had some wealth netted out less than they were receiving in 2012.  That is bald-faced thievery. The money was earned by hard labor and the DC thugs have dried up the Social Security coffers.

Not to bore, some specifics about government arithmetic and fabrication used by Dr. Joe Thompson.  Thompson asserts that with the 250,000 add-ons we would end up with 400,000 with insurance…tell us Dr. Thompson, who is we?  Thompson goes on to say that the add-ons would save 2300 lives per year…where is that crystal ball Dr. Thompson and is that the same ball that came up with the padded 250,000 number?

Next, an example of political doublespeak and outright dishonesty.  Dr. Thompson states that if the Ark. Legislature signs on to this not so Affordable Care Act, with the addition of 250,000 non-producers it will create 6200 jobs. Jobs? Jobs? These are not jobs they are positions. Dr. Thompson may be a bright individual but also devious & sinister. .  Those 6200 jobs bloviated about amount to a huge expansion of state government, no end in sight, all subsidized by the producers and he and Beebe are not producers. Government employees hold positions, not jobs, again all subsidized by middleclass, hard-working Arkansans.

What is the philosophy that states that a government may take by force from one group for redistribution to another group? Ladies & gentlemen of the legislature, it is Communism.  Your political vote-buying benevolence at someone else’s expense is not only unappreciated, it is highly resented.

It will be interesting to see how the former political party identified by the name Republican, now the majority, morphing into the Party of Irrelevance, handles the proposed abuses of middleclass taxpayers orchestrated by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe and his Democrat Legislature. Do the POI’s have the backbone to terminate the Marxist attacks on our once free society?


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