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We are excited to make available the first part of the new script for Citizens United, a new full length feature dramatic film we are starting production on right now. In this one we will take on the issues of corporate personhood and accountability, the remote control murder of innocent civilians by drones, and much more. And the link for the script is on this page.

Citizens United, The Movie, script:

And we just got the first embroidery run of the beautiful new caps for the film, in the style of the lettering of the US constitution.

So if you would like one of those, or any of our other activist gifts, you can have one for a contribution of any amount, just by going to the page above.

We have authentic Dennis Kucinich pocket constitutions, screeners of our first dramatic film, The Last War Crime, bumper stickers for Occupy American, the activist group in our movie, and more.

This is your chance to give us your input and comments on the direction we take with this new film. Please talk to us now, so we know we are taking the best path. And there is a special link on this same page for that too.

Citizens United, The Movie, script:

Your kind contributions are making it possible for us to get the cameras rolling on the first couple scenes of the movie right away. And after you see how well they turn out, we know you definitely will want to see us make the rest of it.

On the Fake Campaign Trail

McKay Coppins goes on “the fake campaign trail” with Donald Trump.

“The notion that he is simply too big — too presidential — for a measly job in the Albany Statehouse has temporarily quelled his insecurity. But after this morning, Trump can no longer escape the fact that his political ‘career’ — a long con that the blustery billionaire has perpetrated on the country for 25 years by repeatedly pretending to consider various runs for office, only to bail out after generating hundreds of headlines — finally appears to be on the brink of collapse.”

“The reason: Nobody seems to believe him anymore.”

A Trump aide told The Wrap that the interview was “dishonest and unfair” and that Trump was “totally unfazed by this article.”

Franken Does a Surprise Interview

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) gave a rare national interview with CNN, The Hill reports.

“Franken is one of a few lawmakers on Capitol Hill who evades reporters. The others include Sens. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and David Vitter (R-LA).”

Vander Platts Will Not Run for Senate

“After weeks of buzz that he’d be the firecracker to reconfigure the U.S. Senate race in Iowa, religious conservative Bob Vander Plaats has decided not to run, citing a focus on his message of national spiritual revival,” the Des Moines Register reports.

“His decision — sure to disappoint both the far right and far left — has been awaited for months as Republicans try mightily to find a candidate with the best chances of taking away a powerful seat that has been in Democratic hands for nearly 30 years.”

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