The NEED for Blue Collar Workers

Last night I saw a short interview of several people on the topic of there being a huge need for workers who can DO SOMETHING other than pass around paper or sit on a computer.

One man talked about the need for mechanics – plumbers – electricians – you know,  BLUE COLLAR JOBS that do not require a college education to do.

Another mentioned the NEED and then talked about how the schools are not doing the job to TRAIN UP new workers and how the Child Labor act did away with the
in-house training of young people to learn how to do these jobs.

All this brought about the **need** (NOT) for foreign workers to fill these positions that Americans aren’t filling.  It also brought about the low paying jobs that are paid to foreign workers (ILLEGALS in many cases) which is supported by the Farm Bureau and The Chambers of Commerce.

It was one thing to allow Mexican workers to come in for agriculture jobs and then to RETURN to Mexico after the harvest. Before Reagan that was how things ILLEGALS were NOT encouraged to come and stay as they got NO benefits to do so.

etc. in high school for the boys and Home Ec for the girls.  Do they even have those classes now???  I don’t know as I haven’t heard of them for many years.

When I was 14 I was hired by an attorney in Seattle to learn how to work in an and what I learned I could never have learned in school.  His wife ran a collection agency in the adjoining office space and I learned how to be a darn good skip tracer and how to collect bad debts.  I also learned how the law works in such matters.  I learned all that while being PAID to learn instead of paying to be taught useless, in many cases, things for jobs that aren’t available today.  How many college graduates are deep in debt and can’t find anything other than a hamburger flipping job?

All this brought to mind something so simple (maybe it already exists and I just don’t know about it) that I can’t believe it isn’t being done already……

I know that many of the Unions have internship/apprentice programs but you have to know that is what you want to do and then sign up for a long term commitment.

What we need is to **REFORM** (love that phrase) the Child Labor laws to allow our young people to train to learn to do needed jobs rather than sitting on a
computer all day long playing games or out on the streets playing the Knock Out games….  or busy procreating another generation for the taxpayers to pay for.

What we need is to set up private training centers where a young person can spend time learning a little bit about the Blue Collar jobs that are in dire need of workers.  Let them spend a few weeks or so in the mechanics, electrical, wood working, plumbing, welding, types of jobs so they can figure out WHAT it is they like and have an interest and an aptitude in.

When they find that direction then they can concentrate their efforts in the Trade School for that trade or craft.

My grandfather, my father,  didn’t hire a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or or a car that didn’t start.  They had those skills back then and they learned them from their fathers or by just getting in and learning the home grown Handymen.  How many men today can take care of the majority of minor things around the house???

We need to change the mindset that says a college education is the only way to that has been proven to be less than truthful as all those folks holding that degree while wearing an apron at Mickey D’s can attest to.

UNION Trade Schools would provide the needed workers at a much less expensive level and be a great recruiting place for those manufacturers and businesses crying out for those kind of workers.  In fact – those in NEED of such workers should join together to financially support such trade schools.  GROW THEIR OWN!!!!

If we returned to the **shops** in high school and removed the how to put on a classes we would have the WORK FORCE we need in America.

bring back *shop* for the boys and Home Ec for the girls.  Cease training the kids in how to be permanent welfare and unemployed teat suckers.

Jackie Juntti / WGEN

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