WNWS, The Same Old Record of Abuse

WNWS NASCARI thought this morning would, in my mind, be somewhat like most mornings around the fort… except a little bit warmer. That is until one of our unpaid staff members sent me an email in regards to what could be another act of the use of someone else’s material to promote, for cash, one of their own programs. Last April it was the NCAA, this year it could very well be NASCAR.

WNWS has started a new promotion to sell it’s time and space to local businesses called “The Great American Race” contest. How it works is somewhat of a mystery to me but they are asking listeners to Join Cheap Seats hosts Dan Reaves and Sea Bass this coming Friday night, between 6:00 – 8:00 and I suspect to call into the show to enter.

The prize is $200 in cash and 2 tickets to the May Talladega race.

Now I will not beat the drum to death over this one. I did that in April of last year, but there has been a trend here to continue to push the edge of legality by those responsible of watching over WNWS. In the real world it is something like shaving a balloon with a straight razor. Eventually you end up with cream all over you.

They will probably escape this one with another hand slap, but there may come a time when someone will have to pay the piper and it will be ugly.

As of this reporting there has been no response from WNWS nor NASCAR’s legal department.

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