Holy Ground- praying for our city, county and state in February

Helping our city and county and state can only start on our knees.

All our actions without prayer will make not much difference.  We must call upon our LORD and cry out in repentance to HIM about our city, county, state, and country.  There is much cover-up of sin in the church and out of the sin.

Holy Ground meets once a month and is one hour .  You do not have to pray our loud unless you want to.  It is a wonderful time to meet with the body of CHRIST and pray to our LORD.

Northside United Methodist Church will be hosting Holy Ground Thursday  February 7th at 12 noon.

Northside Church is  located at 2571 North Highland Ave.

Pastor Don Thrasher along with his congregation would love for you to come  and be a part of what God is doing in our city.



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