Funneling campaign money, found guilty, lying, vote buying & selling, involvement in the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, cover-ups, doing business with foreign government while ignoring Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution, accompanied by no discussion/debate within the General Assembly & certainly not the people of Arkansas whose property in all forms are being transported to Mexico, & this is just the tip.


More on why Rino Repubs posing as Tea Partiers ran up the white flag after a few faux vote skirmishes, worthy of Oscars, but nothing more.

March 2, 2014

The white flag of surrender was raised the first day of the session by Rino Repubs under the auspices of head Racketeer Gov. Mike Beebe and his two turncoat enablers Rino Speaker Carter & Pro Tem Lamoureaux.

Prior missives list & illuminate some of the terms of surrender by the Rinos and were addressed and can be found at www.arkansasfreedom.com .

It can safely be stated that the whole of the Arkansas Rino assemblage are members of one or more of the following Washington, DC organizations which use members of the Arkansas General Assembly to pick up, funnel to the body, vote & pass said self-serving legislation thereby benefiting corrupt Arkansas legislators and serves the destructive goals of said organizations.

1. The passages of the D.C. bills, which number in the hundreds, enhance & undergird the corporate elites while providing service to their CEO, the U.S. government.

2. The passage of these D.C. bills by the Arkansas legislature further increases exponentially the numbers & the ease with which Arkansas tax dollars can be spent at will on old or new Arkansas Welfare programs, accompanied by no caps.

3. These activities by the Ark. Legislature have completely shut out the voice of Arkansas citizens from any legislative discussion. They have essentially stuck bayonets into the heart & soul of our state, the middleclass.

Again, the names of the traitorous D.C. organizations that own every member of the Republican delegation in the Ark. General Assembly who belong to one or more are:

1. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

2. Council of State Governments…ultra, ultra dangerous

3. Southern Regional Education Board…packed with Marxist Democrats…Beebe, Elliot, School Teachers

4. National Council of Insurance Legislators…the Pied Piper Jason Rapert, Treasurer

5. State Legislative Leaders Foundation…State Rep. & Bankcorps CEO Darrin Williams (R) and Rino Bagman Sen. Eddie Joe Williams are Board members….leaders of what?

6. Southern Legislative Conference…Sen. Keith Ingram, Chair & Sen. Bill Sample taking the call, or fall.

7. The Constitutional Convention and/or the Convention of the People (Con, Con)

It is extremely difficult to quantify which of the above 7 criminal operations, but not limited to, have or will have done the most damage to Arkansans & American citizens. As it stands this moment the real thug & member thugs is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who has a choke hold on the Republican assemblage and said assemblage is so corrupt in itself that they will not attempt to break the chains that bind them. With ALEC members in control of most committees it is no wonder that ALEC has taken over Arkansas Legislative process.

The proposed “Constitutional Convention”, commonly known as Con, Con is being promoted by State Senator Jason Rapert & Representatives Nate Bell, Randy Alexander, & Bob Ballenger. When asked why they are promoting a Con Con, the answer is “it’s for a balanced budget amendment”. The U.S. Constitution already provides for that, except the missing ingredient is the also criminal U.S. Government who refuses to enforce the Constitution which deals with budgeting. What makes the above 4 think the U.S. government would enforce their balanced budget amendment?

Look for a moment who are the chief architects of the Con Con…George Soros, Mark Levin, Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers. Interesting collection of Marxists and neoconservatives.

Defend the Constitution, not amend.

The real damning thing the 4 refuse to admit is that once a Con Con is activated any individual, entity, or government can also enter their proposed amendments and provided they have the resources can get their amendment passed. What the above 4 are attempting to do has the absolute capacity to disassemble the U.S. Constitution that the Founders so meticulously provided us with and has served us well for 200+ years. Are the above 4 proponents of this proposed destruction of the U.S. Constitution, Buffoons, or outright traitors?

If what this legislative body is involved with does not strike fear in the hearts of each of you, you are surely comatose.

None of the aforementioned organizations and their membership has one thing to do with protecting the rights & privileges of Arkansans. The individuals that belong to these organizations are nothing more than a collection of self-serving piranhas subsidized by productive Arkansas citizens.

Exhibit 1. Another unemployed termed-out representative John Burris (R-Harrison) has filed for Senate Dist. #17. Burris, not even dry behind the ears, has been exerting his legislative “expertise & prowess” since he was 22 years old. Doesn’t say much for John Paul’s leadership.

Burris, no occupation, reminiscent of another A-State graduate, illegally appointed Director of Higher Education, Shane Broadway. Here’s what this kid Burris claims to have accomplished…

1. Reduce the tax burden….no proof shown, just self-aggrandizement.

2. Make government accountable to the people…a bald-faced lie…show us how & where. There is no accountability. He is a member of the money laundering pit known as ASU, along with the head corrupter Gov. Beebe, accompanied by A.G. Dusty McDaniel, illegally appointed Shane Broadway, 1st District U.S. Congressman Crawford, ASU President Charles Welch, and a host of others, including one involved in maintaining a “retainer” relationship with the university either with a first bid or without bids, and the “retainer relationship” was on the plane south of the border, down Mexico way. There is much, much more.

Then there are the matters of exorbitant ASU travel costs for one month, January, 2014 of over $350,000. Followed by the issue of the ASU “Ghost” credit cards for Administrators. The “ghost “ cards can be used for travel, entertainment, etc. and shows up as a lump sum at the bank…thereby no one can see the detail of what was purchased. Can you imagine what goes on in the other universities?

Burris speaks of transparency, the magnitude of the criminal endeavors going on between ASU, Mexico, & the Beebe Protection Racket is being covered-up in part by the Rino enclave. This is transparency?

Not a word from Burris regarding the new ASU university to be built in the Mexican state of Queretaro transporting Arkansas tax payer property to a foreign land, i.e. Mexico, including technology & personnel in violation of the Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. This is HUGE…the citizens of Arkansas have no knowledge of the transaction and the loosely knit construction of the contract which can be found at www.arkansasfreedom.com . Burris has the audacity to proclaim transparency in Arkansas government? It is a cesspool of corruption.

Burris proudly proclaims, as any good traitor should, that he is also a supporter of funding for Arkansas’ Private-Option Medicaid expansion crafted by co-Marxists Gov. Beebe & Pres. Obama. Tell us taxpaying citizens why you would support the Private Option. He goes on to say that insurance is for about 100,000 poor Arkansans…he lies again. The initial number thrown out was 250,000 with no caps, as is the case with all Federal & State programs.

In a flash of bravado Burris thinks the Private Option will pass…what a revelation! Is he so dumb or immature he didn’t know the fix was in the first day of the session when Speaker Carter let it be known they would vote on the issue until it was passed.

Exhibit 2; Another dead giveaway when the Poster Child for a traitor, Senator Jane English, sold her vote to the backroom majesty Mike Beebe for what is said to $40 million for the creation of something called (Marxist) Workforce Program. It should be known that the Senator is Chair of “The Joint Performance Review” and she is obviously the Chief Performer and also a member of ALEC. The woman showed when it comes to morality & substance she is a mere shell of a human.

Exhibit 3: Three Arkansas Senators, Lamoureaux, Key, & Williams were fined in December, 2012 for money-laundering and all three are ALEC politicians.

Exhibit 4: Senator Johnny Key, term limited out of both Houses, is marching straight into the teeth of the Arkansas Lobbying law by flouting the law which states any politician must wait one year before they lobby, and is applying for $202,000 year lobbying job + perks at the U of A campus. He would be called Vice-Chancellor for Governmental Affairs. Key’s day job is running a babysitting operation which is no doubt funded by taxpayers.

In a piece by John Brummett in today’s Democrat (you got to love it) he states “Key is well respected and is well liked”. Brummett’s real jewel is that Key is a “pragmatic conservative”. Translation: he’ll change positions at any time.

Tea Partiers must quickly learn to recognize traitors & sellouts & you can’t bargain with them, and the way to win is to take off the white gloves and bareknuckle it with no quarter given. That’s the only language the cowards understand.

Golden Rule #1 is never, ever vote for an unemployed, retired or active government worker, and most especially active or retired school administrators & teachers of any ilk…all triple dippers walking the tight line of Marxism & the drumbeat of the corrupt unions who have destroyed with the aid of forced redistributed taxpayer funds our public education, higher education while short-circuiting American kids’ minds and catering to the needs, either real or imagined of the illegal alien throngs and the D.C elite.

Talking will not cut it. Only action will.

Joe McCutchen

Fort Smith


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