Change The World?

I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink. —Matthew 25:35

When my son Steve came home from a concert recently, he had with him a free T-shirt and a brochure for an organization that helps needy children in a far-off continent. Apparently, one of the singers had issued a challenge.

“We wanted to change the world with our music,” he said, “but often all we do is sing. We decided that we were going to take action to change some lives, so we started supporting some needy kids.” Then he set forth the challenge, which Steve accepted. He then talked with his Bible-study group at church about supporting a child each month.

Most of us want to change the world for the better, but the job seems too big. So what if we decided to do at least one thing to change just one person’s life? In the name of Jesus, who said that providing physical help would be the same as helping our Savior Himself (Matthew 25:35-36), what if we reached out to one person with food, or clothing, or transportation? And what if that person, wondering about our motive, asks why we helped? We could then help change that person’s life for eternity by introducing him or her to the Savior.

Change the world? Let’s start with changing one person in Jesus’ name.

Dave Branon

Do a deed of simple kindness,
  Though its end you may not see;
  It may reach, like widening ripples,
  Down a long eternity.


Wherever a human being exists, there is an opportunity to do a kindness. —Seneca

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