Tuesday in Tennessee House Education Subcommittee

When I arrived at the Plaza at 7:00am yesterday morning, Room 30 was already filled with Common Core supporters for the 8:00am 5:15pm. The entire time was spent on four  Common Core Bills.

Go HERE to watch the first portion of the meeting, go HERE to watch the second portion.

The Committee meets again this morning at 8:00am in Room 30.

Because the first two bills on the  House Education Sub Committee had failed in Senate Education, they were ultimately taken off notice:

HB 1825 by *Womick ( SB 1985 by *Campfield) Education – As introduced, requires the state board of education and the department of education to postpone any further implementation of Common Core State Standards beyond those standards implemented as of June 30, 2013, until further implementation is approved by the general assembly.

HB 1826 by *Womick ( SB 1986 by *Campfield) Education – As introduced, requires the general assembly to approve, by the general appropriations act, all state funding for any future assessment tests used to measure the educational progress of students.

Rep. Rick Womick gave an incredible ‘history’ for the Common Core effort.  He also introduce Dr. Peg Luksik who is an expert on all things Common Core and PARCC. She was extensively questioned You really SHOULD watch these hearings. They are very instructive.

After the three hours of debate the votes were taken on HB2332 and HB1928 where both bills failed.

HB 2332 by *Womick ( SB 2405 by *Beavers) Education – As introduced, discontinues use of common core state standards.

Voting YES: Rep. Debra Moody and Rep. Dawn White.

Voting NO:  Reps. Harry Brooks, John DeBerry, John Forgety, Roger Kane, Harold Love, Joe Pitts, Mark White.

HB 1828 by *Womick ( SB 1984 by *Campfield) Education – As introduced, prohibits adoption or use of PARCC assessments; requires the general assembly to make the decision as to the adoption of assessments to replace TCAPs; requires the state to withdraw from PARCC; prohibits state membership in any group that relinquished control over assessments to an outside entity.

Voting YES:  Rep. Harold Love, Rep. Debra Moody, Rep. Dawn White.

Voting NO:  Reps. Harry Brooks, John DeBerry, John Forgety, Roger Kane, Joe Pitts, Mark White.

Please know that we are NOT giving up and will continue to pursue this important issue. Please continue to contact both Senate and House members urging them to oppose Common Core and PARCC.

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