Good news, bad news – Tennessee State House and Senate

bassettsThe good news is that the House Ag subcommittee agreed with the Senate Ag committee yesterday and voted to kill the Tennessee Commercial Breeder Act. It will expire on June 30, 2014.

More good news: the subcommittee also voted against the very ill-conceived tethering bill that could have affected people using grooming nooses or people using short tethers for training or hunting purposes. Tennessee already includes harmful tethering in its animal cruelty statutes. This law wasn’t needed at all.

The bad news is that the animal abuser registry bill did get a recommendation for passage on a voice vote. It will now be sent to the full House Ag committee. The date hasn’t been set yet. THIS IS A BAD BILL. It would list people who commit animal abuse on a registry like a sex offender registry. These registries have been proven not to work. They go on punishing people after they have done their time and paid their dues by shaming them and making it impossible for them to get a new start in life. Plus, these laws are expensive. The fiscal note for this bill greatly underestimates the cost of administering such a program — the same way the commercial breeder law did.

I’m getting information now on how the subcommittee members voted in their voice votes. I’ll post information later and hope people will call or e-mail the House Ag committee members and ask them to vote No on the animal abuse registry bill — HB 2007. It’s punitive and harmful to animal owners and it’s supported by hard core animal rights groups like the Animal Legal Defense Fund who want to make sure people aren’t able to own animals.


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