Business owners lose money when government-owned Internet goes dark

CDE: CDE's customers are apparently active on the utility's official Facebook page, as requested.By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog NASHVILLE —

Some Clarksville business owners lost a lot of money Sunday when their government-owned Internet went down, and they took their outrage to Facebook.

Things got so heated that Clarksville Department of Electricity Lightband officials warned their own Internet customers to stop posting abusive language on its official Facebook page.

The business owners, by the way, are generally smaller in scale when compared to the multi-million dollar businesses the CDE hoped to serve in an industrial park outside city lines. CDE: CDE’s customers are apparently active on the utility’s official Facebook page, as requested.

Currently, CDE officials can’t legally expand their government-owned Internet outside the city.

Rep. Joe Pitts, D-Clarksville, told Tennessee Watchdog on Monday he has postponed a bill that would have allowed such an expansion, at least until next year’s Tennessee General Assembly session.

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