Is the Tennessee Republican Party Ready to lose the next Five Elections?

In politics, power, money, and image is everything.

The dominate party’s candidates knows this and convolutes the law and their own bylaws and maybe even their moral objection to accomplish continual ownership of those positions. This is done in a variety of ways, normally out of sight of the general public.

In the Republican party, the moderate to liberal members control Tennessee politics and they have for some time…. What you say?

Yes, the majority of those Republican officials you elect and contribute to are moderate to liberal in their political views. It is difficult to punch through that ticket even if you are truly a conservative because the “odds are never in your favor.”

If you think politics is messy in the general elections you should see the bloody mess in the trenches hidden in the party’s themselves.

Republicans claim Republicans unfit for office.

During the last couple of weeks, several Republican conservatives have sought elected positions within the Republican party Executive Committee. These elections are open to the public but those seeking position can be challenged according to the bylaws of the Tennessee Republican Party:

Tennessee Code Annotated 2-13-104, requires candidates seeking a position on a Party’s State Executive Committee to be bona fide Republicans. These requirements can be found in Article IX Section 1 of The Bylaws and Rules of the Tennessee Republican Party. Additionally, the specific primary voting requirements for members of the SEC can be found in Article III Section 1A of The Bylaws and Rules of the Tennessee Republican Party. Here is a direct link to those Bylaws so you may view them for yourself:

These are important positions that clarify the direction of the Republican party within the state and these elections are held at regular intervals. Most of the population think little of these posts. Republicans, just like the Democrats, understand the importance of these positions. So much so that name calling, which some say is tantamount to slander, becomes the name of the game.

In a letter to Katheryn Bryson, who is running for the Executive Position in West Tennessee, from Brent Leatherwood, Executive Director TNGOP, stated:

A special committee of five (5) State Executive Committee members has been formed in order to review the bona fide Republican status of candidates. This committee will meet and make a recommendation to TNGOP Chairman Chris Devaney who will make the final decision about a candidate’s bona fide status.

To assure a fair and equitable process, we are giving you the opportunity to rebut these allegations. Please respond with a personal letter detailing your support of Republican principles, any help you may have provided Republican nominees for office, information about your voting history, and any support you have provided the Republican Party at any level. Additionally, as we discussed, please provide any letters of support from elected Republicans who can vouch for your status as a Republican.

All this might seem harmless except that Katheryn Bryson has never met her accuser nor has she been presented with the facts of her accuser’s accusations. None the less she and the others that are accused must now defend themselves for they are on trial. The question… are they good enough Republicans.

Below you will find a complete list of Candidates that have been challenged and their accusers.

Challenger Candidate Position Reasons for Challenge
Jerry Barlar Mwafaq Aljabbary Senate 21 Voting Record
Jerry Barlar Quincy McKnight Senate 21 Voting Record
Kay Brooks Matt Collins SEC Conduct Detrimental to GOP
Pat Carl DJ King SEC Voting Record
Harry Wampler Melissa Browder SEC Voting Record
John Ryder Jim Tomasik Senate 31 Ran as a Libertarian
Tony Roberts/Melissa Gay Mark Winslow SEC Endorsed a Democrat in a Contested Primary
Sam Cross Terri Norfleet SEC Voting Record
Liz Holloway Judy Cooley SEC Voting Record
Jim Cobb Charles Barger SEC Voting Record
Wayne Oldham/Melissa Gay Karen Bennett SEC Endorsed a Democrat in a Contested Primary
Chip Boyd Kent Harris SEC Conduct Detrimental to GOP
Chip Boyd Scott Smith SEC Voting Record
Chip Boyd James Gann SEC Voting Record
Chip Boyd Hamilton Horseman SEC Attacks on GOP
Chip Boyd Hannah Horseman SEC Attacks on GOP
Chip Boyd Frances Arthur SEC Voting Record
Chip Boyd Katheryn Bryson SEC Advocated Libertarian Party
Chip Boyd Richard Archie SEC Supported Eddie Bass, a   Democrat, open attacks on GOP, support for Constitution Party
Chip Boyd Sam Cooper SEC Voting Record
Baker Ring/ Kathleen Starnes Ruth Fennell SEC Attacks on Republican officials; critical of GOP

The question that I have to ask myself is how committed is the Republican party to conservative politics and is the party going to lose it’s base over a simple issue of are you good enough to work for the Republican party?

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