Last chance to pass Open Carry this year – the pressure is building!!


State Representative Micah Van Huss has taken a bold step in an attempt to protect your rights which means he has had to take steps to bypass Chairman Charles Sargent’s House Finance Committee and its subcommittee and perhaps the efforts of anti-gun politicians who were trying to stop the permit optional ‘open carry’ bill (SB2424 / HB2409) from becoming law this year. It appears that some legislators have happily tied it up in a House subcommittee and were trying to run out the clock so that the House bill would not have time come up for a vote on the Floor before the end of session.

It has already passed the Senate on a vote of 25-2!!!

Rep. Van Huss has now filed written notice of his intent to invoked Rule #53, a little known and rarely used procedure that will allow a bill to bypass the clutches of an unresponsive committee, such as those under the oversight of Rep. Charles Sargent, and instead bring the bill straight to the floor of the House!

While this extraordinary “safety” can save a bill from a rogue committee, it requires a floor vote of two-thirds of the legislators to do so.

It is expected that the Tennessee House to hold a floor vote on Monday or perhaps Tuesday of next week on the issue of ‘open carry’ but it may only happen if two-thirds of the House members vote to save the bill from the House Finance Committee and bring it immediately to the Floor.

If you want this bill to pass, then we need your help!

But there is a catch, it seems that Beth Harwell and Governor Haslam are feverishly working against you. It was Governor Haslam’s Department of Safety that issued what appears to be a false “fiscal” estimate that caused the bill to be sent and retained under the umbrella of the House Finance Committee.

As for House leadership, Beth Harwell’s right-hand man, a Memphis newspaper reports that Rep. Steve McDaniel compared gun owners to “gang-bangers” and promised that open carry would never see the light of day in Tennessee.

When the bill comes up next week, the first vote will be on whether or not to pull the bill away from Charles Sargent’s House Finance committee and its subcommittee to even allow a full vote on the bill.

This first vote, a vote to vote on the bill, requires 2/3rd of the votes in order to allow the bill to be heard. If this first vote gets less than 2/3 majority then the bill will not be heard or voted on unless it comes through as many as three House committees in two days.  While this is a procedural motion, any vote against the motion to vote on the bill is a vote to kill the bill.  (They make it confusing for a reason)

Some legislators will attempt to explain that voting against hearing the bill is “just a procedural vote” and doesn’t count.

WRONG ANSWER!!!  Rule 53 exists precisely because of these kinds of stunts and shenanigans!!!

Any legislator who votes against the effort to bring the bill to the opportunity to vote on the bill, is effectively voting to kill the bill!

The TFA will let gun owners in Tennessee know that any legislator who votes against the bill being heard, will be scored as if they voted against the bill itself. Voting against hearing the bill is the same as voting to kill the bill.

Call and e-mail your legislator (tip: call their district number over the weekend) and tell them to VOTE YES on HB 2409 “OPEN CARRY” AND, POTENTIALLY MOST IMPORTANTLY “YES” ON ANY MOTIONS TO BRING THE BILL OUT OF COMMITTEE AND TO THE FLOOR!!! 

You can find your Representative’s contact info here:

And finally, we are running a lot of ads to put pressure on the politicians and to get the truth out about the shenanigans that are being pulled. This costs us valuable money that we will need for the election season that is coming up. Please help us continue to run these ads as we are pushing hard for ‘open carry’ in Tennessee by making your most generous contribution to the TFA today!  Chipping in just $10, $25, $75 or $150 will help us keep up the pressure needed to get this passed and to expose those who are fighting to defeat your rights.

Please visit this link to donate:

With your action, and your support, we can get ‘open carry’ passed in Tennessee next week!


John Harris
Executive Director
Tennessee Firearms Association

PS – We expect a full House vote on an ‘open carry’ bill this Monday or Tuesday. It is urgent that you call your state Reps and tell them “YES on HB 2409, Open Carry” every chance that they get. Also, please consider chipping in your most generous contribution to help us continue to run ads pushing ‘open carry’ and keeping up the pressure on the politicians here in Tennessee.

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