Don’t Be Afraid

God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid. — Isaiah 12:2 

I have an ancient leaf blower that I use to clean up our patio. It sputters, rattles, smokes, emits irritating fumes, and is considered by my wife (and probably by my neighbors) to be excessively noisy.

But our old dog is utterly indifferent to the racket. When I start up the blower, she doesn’t even raise her head, and only reluctantly moves when I blow leaves or dirt in her direction. That’s because she trusts me.

A young man who occasionally mows our yard uses a similar blower, but his is not tolerated by our dog. Years ago, when she was a puppy, he teased her with the machine and she has never forgotten. Now, when the man enters the backyard, we have to put her in the house, because she growls, barks, and snarls at him. Same set of circumstances, but the hands that use the blower make all the difference.

So it is with us. Frightening circumstances are less troublesome if we trust the hands that control them. If our world and our lives were governed by a thoughtless and indifferent force, we would have good reason to fear. But the hands that control the universe—God’s hands—are wise and compassionate. We can trust them in spite of our circumstances and not be afraid.

David Roper


When fear and worry test your faith
And anxious thoughts assail,
Remember, God is in control,
And He will never fail.


 God is in control, so we have nothing to fear.

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