Mary . . . sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word. But Martha was distracted with much serving. — Luke 10:39-40

There is this woman in North Carolina who is a mother who juggles—literally. In fact, her whole family can perform simultaneous feats of aerial exchange with everyday household items. Imagine the excitement at her dinner parties!

Many of today’s women are jugglers too, whether they are businesswomen or stay-at-home moms. The task of completing the mundane stuff of life usually falls in the laps of women—especially mothers. The women of the 21st century have all sorts of things in the air at once—from frying pans and strollers to appointment calendars and mortgage payments. It can all become quite overwhelming.

Society places a premium on those who can maintain a hectic schedule and get it all done. So women who pause to sit “at Jesus’ feet” (Luke 10:39-40) are sometimes considered unproductive. But Jesus commended Mary for taking time to be with Him (v.42). Certainly work had to be done, but Mary made the best choice.

Men, you can help women find the time to be with Jesus by pitching in with the daily activities. Women, choose to stop the daily juggling long enough to spend a few moments with the Lord.

Dale Beaver

Take time to be holy,
The world rushes on;
Spend much time in secret
With Jesus alone.


“As the dishes sit and soak, take your Bible and do the same.”


Grandma Beaver

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