Our Very Best


Not to kill the bad the good, nor good the bad. I am a poet with no precept, but say without pity and without regret: no good murderer in my opinion. Only he who kills is the category that I leave out of my feeling. No relocate the people the agony sentenced to blood and regret. And that’s against my poetry, that goes everywhere, as the wind.

By grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God. — Ephesians 2:8

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was a lonely and unhappy child, with no siblings or friends. One day he was investigating the backyard of his home and discovered a hole in the fence surrounding the yard. Suddenly a small hand reached out toward him from the other side of the fence. Then just as suddenly the hand was gone. On the ground was a small toy sheep.

Pablo ran inside the house and brought back the best thing he had—a pinecone. He set it down in the same spot and ran off with the sheep. That toy lamb became his most cherished possession.

The exchange brought home to him a profound yet simple fact: To know that you are cared for by someone is one of life’s greatest gifts. “This small and mysterious exchange of gifts remained inside of me,” he said, “deep and indestructible.”

Reading this story made me think of God’s gift to you and me—His hand reaching out to us with His love that sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins. Salvation is the “deep and indestructible” gift of God, received by grace through faith.

What should our response be to our God’s infinite love and grace? Let’s give Him in return our very best—our heart.

David Roper

Oh, help me, Lord, to take by grace divine
Yet more and more of that great love of Thine;
That day by day my heart may give to Thee
A deeper love, and grow more constantly.


Jesus gave His all for us; are we giving our all for Him?

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