Jackie Will Be Down For Awhile

Well,  I am only a couple days from unplugging this computer – packing it up – and heading out  –  OUT OF TEXAS!!!!

I have no idea right now how long I shall be busy with the move and then getting settled in to my next assignment.  Could be a week or it could be a couple weeks.

So, based on that unknown I am asking for a couple things from WGEN readers –  PLEASE limit the email you send to me so as to not overload my in-box with items that will be out of date when I do get back on line and won’t have time to read anyway…  If it is a personal note please indicate so in the subject line so I don’t delete it.

My brother is to arrive here Thursday late afternoon –  we plan to load the truck and my van the morning of the 16th and then hit the road –  and I shall be singing –  “Texas in my rear view mirror”   🙂

I have been packing and packing daily  (my energy isn’t what it used to be in such physical activity so it takes me longer to sort and put like things in like boxes) and my rooms look like a storage unit with boxes stacked up and labeled.  Still have more to pack but that will be most likely finished up by Wednesday so I can rest a bit before the BIG effort takes place.  Even though my head says I am only 16  – my body protests such thoughts in times like this.  🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral of you have inquired about Miss Ebony –  No, I am not taking her with me – she will stay here with her chickens.  I will miss the fun times I’ve had with her but I am not a *cat* person (love BIG dogs) and Miss Ebony has never been cooped up – always free to run outside…. and I am allergic to cat dander.

The other request I have of readers is that you please continue to lift me in prayer.  The Lord has things for me to do and it is my desire to serve Him according to His will.  Pray that He grants me the Wisdom, Discernment, and strength to serve Him as He wants me to do.  The trip is expected to be probably a 4 day trip so that is many miles – a wonderful time for me to spend with my brother.

He was my best birthday present ever when I turned 12 and a week later he was born.  I thought he was my own present and that love and feeling has never changed one tiny bit over the past 62+ years.  When I started dating I took him on dates with me – funny part was the guys didn’t mind as they seemed to understand that he was super special in my life.  If only all siblings could have that kind of tie with each other.  I have been truly blessed in that part of my life.

If for some reason I am unable to get back on line –  it has been a good run for these past close to 20 years.  I am not thinking I won’t get back on line but just in case I thought I should say that.

If we all make it a daily habit to lift each other in prayer – this will be a better world.

In His Holy Name,


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