It’s that time of year….. when the muck runs deep

It is the time of year for elections to become interesting, and things are heating up in Tennessee’s State Representative District 94 race.

District 94 (No incumbent – Barrett Rich R-Somerville, retiring)

  • Republican: Stephen Lee Hale, Rossville
  • Republican: Hal Rounds, Somerville
  • Republican: Leigh Rosser Wilburn, Somerville

This district contains Fayette, McNairy, and parts of Hardeman counties in West Tennessee.

While organizing voter walking lists, volunteers for an opposing campaign made an interesting discovery:  Stephen Lee Hale– a candidate for State Representative in Tennessee’s 94th district–has never voted in this district.

Yes, Stephen L. Hale has lived in Fayette County since 2008, but has never voted in Fayette county. In fact, he registered to vote a few days before filing his petition to run as state representative.

This information is public record and can be found at the Fayette County Election Commission.

Stephen L. Hale was previously registered in Hardeman county but, of course, did not vote in Hardeman county since 2008, when he moved to Fayette.

Since 2008, he never registered to vote in Fayette county.

As part of his campaign, Stephen L. Hale has been very active on his Facebook site and in attending meetings, such as the NAACP forum in Somerville on Saturday, July 12. In fact, he posted the following on his Facebook site:

“Steve Hale shared Steven Hale For Tennessee’s status 

I was sad to not see my opponents at the only NAACP sponsored candidate forum in Fayette County today…. I saw both candidates for county mayor all 3 candidates for sheriff, 2 of the 3 candidates for judge and a lot of county commissioner and school board candidates …oh and one candidate for registrar and one for the state executive committee…

Now folks this is exactly why I say that I want to be the State Representative for ALL of us… These are our towns and our communities… they don’t belong to just the rich and powerful.. we all need our voices heard…..

Economic Development – Good Education – Access to good healthcare – liberty … these are important issues to ALL of us and when we ignore entire groups of people… our communities suffer.

I need your vote.”

Yet this same Stephen L. Hale failed to attend the Fayette Tea Party candidate forum in  May.

He also failed to answer the Tennessee Firearms Association’s Candidate Survey.

We are not trying to belittle his campaign because we know little about him, but we learned through the years that some will say and promise anything to get elected.

We also know that political motivation begins with the vote…. which he has shown little interest in participating in.

We are curious about this one.


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