Taking you one Step Further on The Mailers from Strong and Free Tennessee

Governor Bill Haslam

Governor Bill Haslam

Last week, we, The Jackson Press, started a small firestorm presenting a couple of articles on the mailing of $28,000 dollars worth of advertising supporting moderate Republicans against conservative Republicans.

“Strong and Free Tennessee” Mailers

Subject: “Strong and Free Tennessee” Mailers

Shadow Mailers cause uproar in Tennessee

Republicans question Strong & Free PAC ties

The last article was published in the Tennessean on Friday.

We thought that we would provide the pre primary financial statement  for Strong and Free Tennessee that the other reports eluded to.

In that report, you will find, there is only one contributor to the PAC and that single contributor of $35,000.00 is none other than Strong & Free Tennessee, INC.

As of Friday, August 1st, 2014, Strong & Free Tennessee, INC. did not exist but filed for application to the state on August 2nd, 2014.

This is also the address of  ISS ENTERPRISES, LLC and David Lay 100 HANNON DR LAWRENCEBURG, TN 38464-2273 which according to Google is an empty lot.

So between July 25th and August 2nd the PAC raised $35,000.00, designed and mailed $28,000.00 worth of campaign material, created a corporation that produces nothing seven days after the funds were contributed.

Editor’s Note: Troy Brewer (the accountant in all of this), Gov. Bill Haslam appointed him to the State Accountancy Board in 2011. He today is running his own campaign as a Republican for the state House District 50 seat opposite Democrat Bo Mitchell whom has held this position for the past year. In a news release, Brewer presented himself as someone who will be able to work with the many Republicans who already dominate statehouse politics. While it can not be proved that the governor’s hand is involved in what could be considered as voter fraud, you can certainly suspect his heavy hand at work.


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