Is it too late for Chris McDaniel’s post-runoff lawsuit? Ummm well according to the SECRETARY OF STATE’s OFFICE…NO!

So looking at how this has been handled by the GOP and the media I started wondering… How can you effectively investigate fraud in the election when officials won’t allow you the access to information that would reveal the fraud? What are you so afraid of GOP? That a younger, more inspiring, principled leader might end your gravy train? Why is the media reporting things that aren’t true? Do they have an agenda?

One Clarion-Ledger article recently said this
” a state law on the books says election challenges must be filed within 20 days of the election. Consequently, Cochran’s attorneys say McDaniel’s challenge should have been filed by July 27 at the latest”

I have a question then, why did you report this a month ago?…

A spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office said there is NO deadline under state law for a candidate to file a statewide primary election challenge. (click the link below for this article)…

Is the  secretary of state’s office competent? What do you guys not understand about NO DEADLINE UNDER STATE LAW FOR  A CANDIDATE TO FILE A STATEWIDE PRIMARY ELECTION CHALLENGE? The truth has no agenda, do you? 

The voters deserve to know the truth, in Chris McDaniel’s favor or not…what is the GOP really afraid of and why is the media assisting them?

They want Chris McDaniel to concede and move on because there’s nothing to see here…me thinks they doth protest too much

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